Questions Needs to Ask When Shopping for an Engagement Ring

We all know about the 4 C’s and making sure to ask if the engagement ring you’ve had your eye on possesses the necessary certifications.

These can help potential grooms have some peace of mind regarding what is likely one of the most significant purchases they’ll ever make in their lives.

However, truly savvy men go beyond the centre stone and come to the jeweller prepared with a number of questions to help them determine if the engagement ring they’re looking to buy really is the right one.

We’ve compiled those questions for you below so that you too can be confident with your decision:

Is the stone or diamond completely natural?

An all-natural diamond or gemstone refers to one that has not undergone treatment in any way—treatments can include filling in cracks or colour enhancements.

This is an important question to ask if you are shopping for vintage rings, as these have a tendency to be put through such treatments.

A diamond or a stone that has been treated can be less durable, and its appearance and value can depreciate over time.

In the case of precious stones, you may be presented with natural, synthetic, and imitation stones, and it’s important to know the difference between each before buying.

What is the origin of the stone or diamond?

Whether you are looking at sapphire engagement rings in New Zealand or a diamond stunner, you should only choose a stone that is conflict-free and sourced using responsible means.

The diamond and gemstone mining industriesare rife with heartbreaking stories of these precious materials being used to fund unethical practices and unfair work conditions—things you definitely do not want associated with an item meant to signify your love and devotion.

Your jeweller should be able to tell you the origin of the stone if you ask after it, and it will also be present on a diamond’s grading report. If you aren’t sure, you may wish to look into retailers that offer recycled engagement rings for a guaranteed ethical, environmentallyconscious purchase.

How do I clean the ring? What is the maintenance cost?

As a piece of jewellery that your lady will likely be wearing every day as soon as it goes on her finger, engagement rings are subject to a significant amount of wear and tear.

Daily use can cause rings to become dirty or dented, and stones can become dull and cloudy after exposure to certain liquids, oils, and other chemicals.

Ask the jeweller if they have any specific instructions for how to clean the ring and maintain its beauty. You should also ask after the store’s warranty policies in the event that the ring requires basic repairs.

It’s also worth inquiring if the store you’re looking to buy from has an in-house jeweller that you can go to for these repairs when you need them.

Retailers that do not have in-house jewellers will have to send your ring out to an accredited subcontractor or their main branch to have it serviced, which can extend the amount of time that your fiancée is without her ring.

Will you perform an appraisal for insurance?

According to Diamondport’s “Australia’s Biggest Engagement Ring Survey”, the average amount spent by Australians on an engagement ring in 2019 is $5,297—not a small amount of money, to be sure.

It’s therefore in your best interests to have the ring insured as soon as possible, and to choose a policy that covers some of the most common contingencies such as theft, damage, and accidental loss.

Most reputable retailers and jewellers will be more than happy to have the ring appraised so that you can get this done.

Asking the right questions not only helps you find the perfect engagement ring, it’ll also help you feel more certain that you’re getting value for your money.

Keep these inquiries in mind before heading out to the shops.

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