Quality Matters! The Importance of Using the Best Suit Hangers

Why You and Your Suits Need Quality Suit Hangers

Perhaps you have just purchased your first custom tailored or bespoke suit and want to be sure that your investment lasts for many years? Or maybe you have several high-quality suits that you want to maintain? Alternatively, you may be starting to acquire a few good pieces and want to learn what the best suit hangers can really do for your clothing? Then you need to know the importance of using proper hangers. All hangers are not created equally. Moreover, they can make a huge difference in maintaining your investment.

The Basics of Suit Hangers

If you are investing in quality suits and other garments, your purchasing must not stop with the clothing. To treat your suits properly, you need to make another crucial buy: quality suit hangers. No closet can be considered fully accessorized without good hangers. A quality hanger needs to have the correct shape and curves in order to maintain the lines of your suit. It should have the same lines as the shoulders of your suit jacket. The best suit hangers like those from Butler Luxury are constructed of smooth, finished wood that will not snag or stain your suit’s material. The finest suit hangers have a finish like fine furniture.

A quality suit hanger should also have a bar at the bottom of the hanger for your suit pants. At the risk of sounding like a bad Joan Crawford biopic quote: no wire hangers. Those triangle shaped hangers you get from the dry cleaners are potential suit killers. You also do not want to use plastic triangular or straight-lined hangers either; these will also distort and damage your suit jackets.

Use Them

It is also critical for the care and maintenance of your suits that you actually use your suit hangers. This seems obvious, but it is so easy to get lazy and toss your suit on the floor or quickly grab a cheap wire hanger with every intention of hanging it up properly the next time you are at your closet. The problem with this is that your jacket may end up languishing misshapen on the floor or on the wrong hanger for quite a while. Out of sight, out of mind can result in real damage to your suit. After too long on the wrong hanger, your suit may have permanent ugly lines that become set in. Best case scenario you can take the suit to the cleaners to undo the distortion but every additional trip to the cleaners takes a toll on your suit and the fabric, not to mention the extra time, hassle, and expense. So, remember to use your best hangers to preserve your best acquisitions.

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