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Purple Flowers to spruce up your garden in summer - Likeitgirl

Purple Flowers to spruce up your garden in summer

Are you looking forward to sprucing up your garden this season? We think that’s a fantastic idea, and a bouquet of purple flowers might be just what you need. Purple flowers, also regarded as the color of royalty, brighten up your space and add some lovely hues to your yard. Purple flowers come in a variety of hues that may quickly liven up your landscape and make it look even more gorgeous. You can make your landscape seem strikingly gorgeous with these purple blooms by combining low-maintenance annuals and perennial flowers. Here are some purple flower varieties that you can plant in your garden this season. Take a look and select the ones that are most suitable for your garden and order online flower delivery in hyderabad from online floral shops.


  1. Bellflower

These lovely bell-shaped blooms come in both white and purple varieties, with purple being the most popular. These flowers demand well-drained soil and enough sunlight to bloom, so they’re ideal for gardens that get a lot of sun.


  1. Balloon Flower

These purple-colored blooms, which are also members of the bellflower family, are long-lived perennials that are very easy to care for. These flowers are renowned to naturally repel deer and require little division, as well as being able to survive in both cold and drought-prone environments.


  1. Lavender

This sun-loving flower also serves as an insect repellent, and it can be placed along walkways or garden paths to enjoy its perfume. Lavender flowers are also known to relieve tension and anxiety in your daily life because they are great for easing your senses and helping you relax.


  1. Allium

These flowers belong to the onion family, and their magnificent and stunning perennial blooms appear in late spring and early summer, lasting about a week. These flowers are simple to care for and can be planted alone or in combination with other plants to ensure that they bloom.


  1. Cosmos

These flowers bloom all summer long and may grow in a variety of soil types. These flowers have lovely purple tones to them, and the more you cut them, the faster and taller they grow.


  1. Coneflower

These flowers’ plants can grow up to 5 feet tall, and they bloom best in lean soil, while extensively altered soil can cause the flower to flower poorly. The stunning purple color and shape of the blossoms will instantly brighten up your yard.


  1. Gladiolus

These flowers are low-cost and bloom from late summer to fall, making them an excellent addition to a cut flower garden. These flowers are easy to keep and make a statement in your yard with their vivid hues and unique shapes.


  1. Foxgloves

These exquisite blooms are well-known for their attractive look and ease of care. Foxglove flowers give your yard a lovely appearance and make it appealing to the eyes and senses. Foxgloves are one of the most popular garden plants, and they’re also one of the easiest to care for.


  1. Lisianthus

These blooms, often known as Texas bluebells, will grow in any environment. The greatest time to see these annual flowers blossom is during the days when the weather is warm. Lisianthus flowers are one of the best possibilities for planting in your garden because of their gorgeous shape and dramatic purple color.


  1. Morning Glory

Morning glory flower vines can grow up to 15 feet long and easily self-seed, so choose your planting place carefully. These blooms are one of the greatest choices for garden plants because of their stunning purple hues.


  1. Hydrangea

Hydrangeas can change color depending on the pH level of the soil, so the pH level of the soil should be around 5.5 to keep your petals purple. Because it is easier to control the pH level of soil in a pot, you may want to consider growing these flowers in a pot first and then transplanting them to your garden.

Do you want to add purple to your garden or want to add beauty to your friend’s garden, then online send flowers to Delhi to their doorsteps. These flowers, which come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and scents, will make a statement in your yard, making it look more blossoming and colorful than ever before.

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