Goa is India’s favourite escape. Of course, there is more to the state than just DJ nights and bars. It is a land of vibrant cultures and history. A journey by road is unparalleled when it comes to the surprises and sights in store. This is a reason why many travellers are choosing self drive rentals as behind the wheel one has more control over the journey.

Attractions on the Way

A very picturesque drive is in store for those who travel from Pune to Goa by pune car rentals via the Asian Highway 47. The 430-km journey south in itself is an experience to remember, as one negotiates the curves of the Western Ghats before settling into the coastal country. Shutterbugs will be ready as they approach the windmills of Satara, spread across a landscape that looks especially dramatic in the monsoons. These are part of one of India’s largest wind energy farms. There are other attractions in this 400-year-old town. The majestic cascades of the Thosegar waterfalls are a sight to behold.

Beach Hopping in Goa

There is no parallel to exploring the enigmatic coastline of Goa in a car. One is recommended to drive around and find some of the more offbeat beaches in this tiny state. Kakolem or Tiger beach is a small cove lined with hills and a trek to the summit rewards visitors with panoramic views of the secluded shore and the blue ocean beyond. Margao is the closest town and is famous for its landmarks like the city hall and the St. Sebastian Church. Another secret beach close to Margao is the Butterfly Beach just north of the more popular Palolem beach. A drive to Palolem and a trek through pristine woodlands is recommended for those who want a bit of an excursion. Shallow waters, the sight of fishing boats and delicious seafood preparations are some of the many reasons why Hollant Beach needs to be added to the Goa itinerary. For a more bohemian vibe, one can head over to Anjuna Beach and tuck into some grills and cocktails at Curlies, a popular hangout in this neck of the woods.

Explore the Mighty Forts

Along the azure waters and creating stirring silhouettes are many gigantic forts that for centuries guarded the treasure that the world now refers to as Goa. Away from the party hubs on the beaches, these old forts silently loom, standing amidst crashing waves. Chapora Fort is one of the main historical attractions. From the walls of the fort, one can enjoy views of the vibrant Vagator and Morjim beaches.  Other forts to explore are Aguada Fort and Ries Magos Fort, the latter close to the capital Panjim.

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