Proven Facts You Should Take a Beach Vacation

Destination for our vacation is probably the most important part of it. We should find something that is relaxing, something that will charge our batteries and help us unwind. There is little time to enjoy that short break from work, and everybody wants to use that time well before they go back to the grind. And nothing scream vacation more than a beach. Not sure if it is the sand, the sun or the ocean view, but beaches seem to be the perfect place to recharge. Here are some facts why your next vacation should be on a sandy beach.

Sunlight will lighten your mood

It is noticeable how everyone is happier during the summer, not winter. This is not without reason; it was scientifically proven that sunshine affects people’s mood and makes them happier. Per research conducted at Baker Heart Research Institute in Melbourne, sun exposure will increase secretion of serotonin. This hormone is quite important, because lack of serotonin can cause depression. If the sandy beach wasn’t reason enough, now you have a scientific reason to spend more time in the sun and relax yourself. Always remember to protect your skin with proper care.

Image 2 - Sunlight

It is good for your respiratory system

No one likes seawater in their eyes or nose while bathing, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, seawater will clear out your sinuses and your airways. Walking along the beach is especially helpful for those who have allergies or asthma. The air on the beach is full of sea salt, and is pollen-free. This air is basically nature’s nasal spray. It will do wonders for your lungs. So, if you suffer from bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma or any form of allergies, walking along the beach and swimming can help you alleviate the symptoms.

Image 3 - Respiratory system

The beach will beat stress

It seems like we are under constant stress and are always in hurry, this can wear out anyone. Always staying plugged in can lead to chronic stress, insomnia and even depression. Why not leave our phones and tablets and simply relax? Enjoy beach the way it was meant to, technology-free. Treat yourself to a brisk walk along the beach and beat stress. Beach will cleanse your mind and body, while helping you recharge. According to a study at the University of Exeter, living by the beach can improve your health. Hotels are usually crowded and hectic because of people checking in and out all the time. Therefore, it finding a real estate for sale offers much more comfort than a hotel.

Image 4 - beat the Stress

The beach will keep you active

Simply walking to the beach is a nice change from our sedentary lifestyles. But your stay at the beach will likely involve more activities than just laying around all day. You could go for a short swimming session. Learn how to surf, play soccer or volleyball with people you just met at the beach. Simply walking on sand requires more energy than walking on concrete. Many hotels offer indoor gyms for people who must stay active on vacation. But going to the beach seems more fun, and it beats the gym with numerous health benefits.

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Choosing the right spot for a vacation doesn’t seem so hard when you look at what the beach offers. It will help us beat depression by spending time under sun. It can help us beat symptoms of numerous pulmonary diseases by walking and taking in that sea air. And it will help us unplug and forget about the stress and the bustle in the city. So why look further when the beach has so much to offer.

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