The sense of sight is a blessing bestowed upon us, which enables us to appreciate the beauty of this world. Modern lifestyle has put undue pressure on our sight sense leading to many eye issues. It is here that the role of optometrist starts. Visiting an eye doctor for regular health checks can ensure that your eyes will be in the pinkest of their health. Always protect your eye and maintain healthy life as they are the most precious organ in your body.

The “Wake Up” Call


It is advised to visit an eye doctor at least once a year, but seldom people adhere to this suggestion and wait for a signal to visit the doctor. Visiting an eye check-up facility should not be avoided if the following issues are surfacing

  • Constant dryness in the eyes- Dryness in the eyes is a normal problem, but at times it can be the precursor to some grave vision issue. Constant feeling of itchiness and stretching in the eyes calls for an immediate visit to the optometrist.
  • Seeing little black shadows or light flashes– This happens if there is a hole or tears in the retinal area and requires a detailed examination by a trained doctor. Do not postpone the doctor visit if the symptom is persisting.
  • Eye Fatigue– Long hours of screen time sometimes causes the eyes to get fatigued. This could also imply that you have developed a power and the eye is straining itself. This is a call for you to get your eyes tested and get the right eye wear to soothe the symptom.
  • Lack of color perception– This condition may occur at any time and needs immediate attention. One might be losing his/her ability to comprehend color differentiation. Timely intervention from an expert in the field can correct the situation, averting a permanent loss of color vision.

Eyes are delicate organs and need to be handled and cared for in a responsible manner. Visiting an optometrist who has a fully equipped facility and is experienced can maintain the good health of your eyes in the most prolific manner.

Essential Equipments


Eye care needs specialized machinery and equipment, without which comprehensive check is not possible. So before finalizing an optometrist make sure that his facility is having all the essential gadgets to give to you a holistic check-up`

  • Apart from the Projected Eye charts and the Hand Held Eye charts which measure the basic visual acuity of the eyes, a number of other more specialized instruments are needed by the eye doctor to identify any underlying eye disease.
  • A Phoropter is a device which has a series of lenses and enables the optometrist to identify the exact eye glass measurement for you. This test is called refraction.
  • The Aberrometers and Auto refractors are needed to undertake a proper retina check and identify the extent of vision impairment. These instruments are highly accurate and thus are essential to undertake a comprehensive check.
  • Another specialized instrument is the Slit lamp which looks like a microscope and helps in checking of cornea, iris and the eyelids. They are used to detect issues such as cataracts and diabetic retinopathy.

All of these devices at one facility can help one in getting an integrated check- up done and lead to the identification of a progressing eye disease. Thus before stopping on to an optometrist make sure whether these instruments are available at the facility of not and how equipped the doctor is in using them, so as to avoid any compromise with the eye health.

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