Pros and Cons of VPS Web Hosting You Must Know

VPS hosting is another type of web hosting that has its pros and cons. Where it has its benefits for specific types of websites, it has its drawbacks as well. Anyone looking for a VPS web host should know all sides of this web hosting. Hostiserver provides managed web hosting services that are reliable.

In VPS web hosting, a physical server is divided into various partitions, or virtual servers, that have their own disc space, bandwidth limit, and operating system. VPS hosting is a mix between shared and dedicated hosting because the physical server is shared between different users and the owners can manage their virtual server just like a dedicated server. Your website needs also impact all of these factors, so you need to make your decision on the basis your requirements. For those website owners who are thinking about getting a VPS web host, here are the pros and cons of VPS web hosting.


1. Cost

The cost of maintaining and running the servers is divided between the users sharing the space. That makes it cheaper than dedicated hosting or assembling a data center in your organization. VPS is cost-efficient, and at the same time, offers the same privileges of a dedicated server. The cost-effectiveness is also because it offers users an advanced cloud computing technology. This technology comes with additional software and hardware hosting infrastructures.

2. Security

There is a virtual barrier between users, which is a useful security feature. Managed VPS hosting provides you with technical support and assistance whenever there is any security breach. Also, VPS hosting providers are unlikely to give up your information to a third party vendor. It provides secure website and secure email hosting as well.

3. Scalability

VPS web hosting delivers the resources on demand, especially at the time of heavy traffic. With cloud VPS hosting, you can rescale your plan when needed, and you can adjust it back when the traffic reduces.

4. Reliability

VPS hosting provides higher disc space, and CPU productivity, which reduces the possibility of conflict in shared resources, which generally arises in shared web hosting. The chance of a website crash, or it being slow, is also reduced.

5. Business success

VPS hosting has faster servers than shared servers, which load the website in a few seconds. This will lead to lower bounce rates, higher conversion rates and better business success.


1. Potential security risks

If your web hosting service provider is not good with the security features, which differentiate user’s IP addresses, you can end up with the same security threats that are experienced by shared hosting users.

2. Expensive

Although now VPS has become more cost-effective, it can still be more costly than a shared web hosting service.

It is clear that the pros of VPS web hosting service outweigh its cons. It is wise to prefer VPS hosting over other web hosting services. However, it will only work if the VPS hosting service provider that you choose is good enough, and can provide you with all these benefits at a cheaper rate.

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