Pros and Cons of Online Shopping

The advent of technology brought many benefits along with it, but the dark aspects are also not hidden. Activities that used to take a great deal of time are now cut down to a few clicks you perform online though the internet. When it comes to shopping, the online mode of it has brought about ease and comfort to a great extent. Shopping online looks like the easiest thing you can do when you are in a rush to get things.

If you are thinking this is all what online shopping has brought about, then you certainly have ignored the other part of the story. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of online shopping.



You can buy whatever you want even at 3 in the morning. You can choose from a wider variety of things which may not be available in the local brick and mortar stores. You also have the benefit to do all from the comfort of your own home. When you buy from online stores, you have the comfort to take your time while checking your options thoroughly. This will lead you to a simple and quick way to perform price comparison unlike the dissatisfied and hurried shopping you do in the local stores.

Discount Coupons and Convenience.

When shopping online you can also avoid long lines and the unnecessary contact with cranky people. If you feel uncomfortable dragging your kids for shopping, online shopping is the best way to counter that. Most of us are sometimes concerned with private shopping; online shopping offers you a great platform to do so with comfort. Also, when you are buying gifts, online mode is the perfect way to send your distant friends or relatives the gift you want to send.


You can use anyone’s credit card when shopping online. A lot of us are concerned about identity theft when hear about online shopping. Identity theft cases take place in reality — in brick and mortar store itself and not online. Websites are secure these days with powerful encryption procedures that keep your identity safe and secure. Although there are a few where your information may not be secure, you can take a peaceful breathe when dealing with the vast majority of online shopping website.


Physical Contact with Items.

Although online shopping is 24/7 available, you cannot feel or touch items. You can only see what is present on a webpage. Whereas, in brick and mortar stores you can see many things at a glance and buy after you feel or touch the product. As the term suggests, online shopping is only possible through the internet, therefore, the connection speed matter a lot here.

Billing Issues.

It’s normal that many online stores don’t accept cash or checks, although some sites do, you still have to use credit cards. When purchasing online, billing error is the common thing you may encounter unlike in local stores, these errors are nearly impossible.

The bottom line is, online shopping is the ultimate solution people are finding today, but conventional stores are still here to stay.

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