Problems with Dental Braces

Getting orthodontic treatment with braces is not easy! There are so many problems which you have to face. Not only you have to say goodbye to your favorite foods and drinks, but you also have to bear the pain caused by the movement of the teeth. But that’s not all! There are some other problems which are commonly faced by individuals who wear braces. This article takes you through the common problems and issues encountered by people who are undergoing orthodontic treatment with braces, and how they can be overcome.

  1. Teeth Cavities

One of the most common problems associated with dental braces is that the food particles tend to adhere to the wire and brackets. If you are not careful in cleaning your teeth regularly through brushing and flossing, and the additional usage of an interdental brush, there are chances that harmful bacteria will adhere to these food particles and release acidic products which result in the demineralization of the enamel. In the initial stages, this demineralization is visible in the form of “white-spot lesions”. However, if the condition is not reversed timely, cavities start to form over the damaged tooth structure. Therefore, it is important that you look after your oral health and visit your orthodontist regularly for checkups.

  1. Gum Disease

Another problem caused by food impaction around the braces is the development of gum inflammation. Periodontal problems are caused when the harmful bacteria utilize the sugars in the dental plaque and tartar for their growth and release toxins which damage the gums. As a result, the fibers which attach the gums and jawbone to the teeth are destroyed, and the gums appear red and swollen. If this condition is not corrected in the early stages, pockets start to form between the gums and the teeth, and situation aggravates further. Failure to seek treatment for gum and periodontal problems can ultimately result in the loss of teeth. Your orthodontist will check for the signs of gum disease each time you have an appointment.

  1. Tooth Staining

This is another problem caused the by impaction of food around the teeth and braces. When these food particles are not removed through brushing and flossing, the enamel surface becomes porous and the teeth start appearing yellower in color. The more porous the surface of enamel is, the higher the chances of tooth staining. You can avoid this problem by ensuring optimal oral hygiene, and undergoing a teeth whitening procedure once your treatment has been completed.

  1. Bad Breath

Again, if you are not careful about your oral hygiene, especially when you are wearing braces, you may suffer bad breath. This condition, medically known as halitosis, occurs primarily as a result of food impaction around the teeth and the braces. When these food particles start to degrade, they result in the development of bad breath. Moreover, bad breath can also arise as a result of an underlying gum inflammation caused by poor oral hygiene maintenance. Although bad breath is a serious problem, it is very easy to prevent it. Simply maintain optimal oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly. Do this, and you won’t have to worry about bad breath ever.

  1. Speech Problems

Another common problem caused by dental braces is the speech issues. This is because the brackets take up space which is utilized by the tongue for pronouncing different words. Not only this, but the brackets also create hindrance in the free movement of the tongue. As a result, people who wear braces often have a distinct “lisp” in their conversation.

  1. Loose or Dislodged Bracket

You are attending a family gathering, and you’ve just started enjoying your favorite dish, you suddenly realize that one of your brackets has fallen off! Only those individuals who have ever worn braces can imagine how stressful the situation is. Braces, also known as the brackets, are attached to the teeth by using a composite resin. However, if you eat very hard or sticky foods like nuts, resins or caramels, your brackets can come off easily. Therefore, it is advisable that you avoid hard and sticky foods, as well as fizzy drinks while you are undergoing orthodontic treatment with braces.

  1. Broken Orthodontic Wire

A broken wire not only means that your orthodontic treatment is affected, but a broken wire piece can also injure your cheeks, gums or lips. Therefore, if you feel that your orthodontic wire become dislodged or broken, you must visit your orthodontist immediately. In case your orthodontist is not available, secure the broken sharp edge of the wire by placing utility wax or chewing gum over it to prevent damage to your oral soft tissues.

No doubt dental braces create a lot of problems. However, thanks to modern dentistry, many orthodontic options based on the use of removable aligners are now available which are much more convenient and do not cause discomfort. If you have been avoiding orthodontic treatment just because you don’t want to bear pain and discomfort caused by the braces, here is your chance to enjoy perfectly aligned and beautiful teeth with Invisalign removable aligners.

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