Pro makeup advice you can implement in your beauty routine

Though most of us cannot allow ourselves the pleasures of expensive spa retreats and exotic remedies, we can still rethink our regular beauty routine by listening to those who have made it their mission to explore the subtle arts of makeup. Though not all of them are accessible to us, there are always those that are. The key components seem to be having the right information at hand as well as having enough patience and persistence to see the process through.

Read the professional advice on how to take care of your skin and how to apply makeup for the best results.

Investigate and find your match

There is just so much information out there that it is easy to get lost if you don’t know what you are looking for. Nowadays, you can find incredible DIY guides for various products online as well as cosmetic products that do wonders. But how to find the suitable ones?

Each of us has different habits and specific skin needs, so finding the right products is more mindboggling than it may seem. So professionals advise starting by determining your skin type to find the right cleaning products, moisturisers, and serums, but also the foundation and other makeup.

So for oily skin, you might want to consider foundation with dimethicone or a powder foundation. Of course, powder won’t help if your skin is dry, you will need more moisturizer and even some grow for a healthier look. For sensitive skin, a mineral-based foundation will prove a better deal, as it won’t clog up your pores as much or irritate your skin. Combination type may be the trickiest, but by using a primer and powder on the oily areas, your face will look spotless for a longer time.


Be persistent and perfect your cleaning routine

Another tip we’ve got from the pros is that people tend to expect instant results and are quick to give up. No matter whether you are trying out a DIY recipe or a bought cosmetic product, you need to give your skin time to adapt. At least a month or month and a half should be a minimum trial period for any product. Only if you don’t see some results after this period you should call it quits and move on.

Obviously, makeup removal is the first step of any skin cleaning routine. Whether you opt for natural or cosmetic products, make sure it doesn’t interfere with the natural skin type of your face. After this step, it is time for the real cleaning. For instance, foam-based cleaners are great for oily and combination skin, but a cleansing balm is better for dry skin as it provides oil this type needs. As you wash your face, start with lukewarm water, never hot, and turn it slowly to cold. This will improve the circulation of your skin and balance its natural oils.

Start neutral

After you are aware of what your skin needs and how you should take care of it, it’s time to paint it like a makeup artist would. Moisturizers and foundation will even out your complexion and conceal your problem areas.

Only after you have successfully created this natural and healthy looking canvas, it is time to accent your features. For most, those are the eyes and the lips. Applying eye makeup can tone you down or dress you up in no time, by alternating from neutral, earth-based tones to darker and richer color schemes.

Accent your features

A pro tip for avoiding putting and removing mascara each and every day is to consider some growing trends such as eyelash perm in Sydney. Waking up and going to bed with perfect eyelashes simply sounds like a dream come true.

For better-defined lips and a long-lasting effect, use your toothbrush to prepare and exfoliate and then applying some lip balm. A concealer will keep the lipstick on for a longer time and a lip liner will give it a better shape. While applying your lipstick use a brush for more control over the quantity of color applied to each section.



The above-mentioned makeup ‘secrets’ are sure to help as you get ready every day. With just changing some of the techniques you might have already been using, you can get astonishing results. Your makeup will last longer and won’t produce an as much negative reaction from your skin, in the form of acne for example. So, start reorganizing your beauty routine and enjoy.


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