The world of healthy food lovers is still very small in Switzerland, so when something unusual is coming on the market, the news spread like wildfire. The information came to me from word of mouth, that my fav brand of cold-pressed juices, Private DetoxBox, was launching not just one but three new juices to extend it’s line: the Greytox, the Coffeetox and the Cocotox. These three newbies are a Special Summer edition and are not meant to replace food, or at least not all the food – I drank them to replace my usual cravings like coffee, desserts or sodas. And to be totally honest this felt so good to drink only pure and sugar free things, especially during hot days.

The colour of the drink puts some people out, but hey, the activated charcoal that gives the Greytox this colour has uncountable benefits, including alleviating uncomfortable gas and bloating, treating alcohol poisoning, preventing hangovers, removing toxins, reducing high Cholesterol and even whitening teeth – I think that on view of all these advantages I can stand the juice’s coloring. In addition to the Charcoal, the drink is also made of Almond Milk, Vanilla and Cinnamon.


When I did my first detox program with PDB, the hardest part for me was morning because I’m the kind of person that can’t even consider doing anything before drinking two cups of coffee – that’s sad but that’s my reality, and I cheated my detox program every morning with a cup of black gold. Then Lidia from PDB sent me this new recipe made of Cold pressed Almond Milk, Vanilla, Maple Syrup and … (god bless the brand) Coffee! I loved the sugary taste and the coffee effect, I’d like an “every-morning subscription” to this, please.

detox_elvira1 - copie

This is the lightest juice of the lot! Made of Coconut Water, Aloe Vera and Lime it makes the perfect mix for summer, reminding me these afternoons I spent in Miami Beach, lying under the palm trees and sipping coconut water … By the way did you know that Coconut water helps losing weight, facilitates digestion, boosts hydration and reduces blood pressure.

detox_elvira2 - copiePhoto credits: Charles Legrand


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