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Printed t-shirts for men and t-shirts for men

Receiving a gift pack from Bangladesh made me feel overjoyed. I just wanted to open the carton to see what was there inside. To my astonishment, I found  Printed t-shirts for men and t-shirts for men sent by a friend of mine who works for an export house there. The company which she works for specializes in making the best quality T-shirts exports the same from there for various brands like Adidas and Puma to just name a few. The quality of material which is rich and soft cotton is used for T-shirts.

These T-shirts are available in all sizes and designs


A product from Bangladesh and made for a company Bonbo in Europe is really noteworthy. This T-shirt is Mirage Gray in color and is available in variety of colors and sizes. This Mirage Gray T-shirts for men has Red color lining on the collar and the sleeves. This makes the T-shirt looks very smart and stylish. The T-shirt also has a small logo of the company on top of the left side corner of the chest area. The fabric is very sturdy and since it is cotton, it is breathable and manageable. The fabric too has some degree of ruggedness but it is not irritating to the skin. The T-shirt can be worn with a pair of denims and shorts. To add to the fashion statement, a nice pair of sports shoes should be a part of the dressing up perfectly by men and young boys alike.

Another piece of Printed t-shirts for men which is fantastic in appearance is a dark grey shaded T-shirt. This T-shirt is manufactured for DSTREZZED and is 100% pure cotton. The fabric is pigment printed/dyed and pre washed so that to get its unique look. The more the fabric is washed, this T-shirt shows slight color fading. After every wash the fabric becomes even softer than what it used to be before. It is advised to wash this T-shirt separately and specifically not with white garments. The product does not stick to the body during scorching heat of summer in India but instead it seems to be sweat resistant.

A very unique plain white T-shirt for men needs a mention here. This Range is available for Team Spirit and has white embossed fabric on the front side and a plain soft cotton white fabric covers the back. The front panel is 96% cotton and 4% Elasthane. The back panel as mentioned is 100% cotton. This is the uniqueness of the T-shirt. You can well imagine a t-shirt with embossed front and a plain back panels. The t-shirt has a zip in the front and a soft elastic on the sleeves. One has to be very careful while using this t-shirt as this one is white in color and has the tendency to get dirty at the earliest. Frequent wash is also not recommended as this may spoil the beauty of the fabric.

Most of the T-shirt manufacturers insists that we should follow our Eco instinct and try not to disturb the Eco system any more. They follow the green norms and takes the old t-shirts back so that they can be recycled. Such an initiative is most welcome all across the globe that tells us time and again not to throw your old garments away. Rather give them to the people who needed them the most or get your old stuff recycled. Some companies have taken a step further where they want the buyer to use eco friendly washing powder to save water. This is such a great idea regarding saving the water which is depleting too fast. A day will come when this blue planet will have  scarcity of water.

Lastly to save energy and Carbon dioxide, companies manufacturing Printed t-shirts for men and t shirts for men emphasis on minimal usage of washing machines and dryers. This saves the energy and also keeps our t-shirts in good shape and form. The company like Blue Earth has the same sort of agenda. Their after sales instructions are very clear and they also insists on recycling of your t-shirt and other garments. These companies readily accept old garments for recycling and are very clear on their part regarding saving the good earth

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