It’s common for people to want to know the yellow sapphire’s price before they actually buy this Jupiter-ruled stone or Pukhraj in Hindi.

However, there is no actual guidance given around the price of this stone and there is a lot of smoke and mirrors.

Yellow sapphire stones are often sold at prices higher than their fair market value by some people. We will therefore guide you through the pricing process as scrupulously as possible.

In this blog, I have attempted to provide you with information concerning how to buy a real yellow sapphire at genuine prices.

According to their pricing, yellow sapphire has four primary types.

Yellow Sapphire Standard Grade:

In addition to the four C colors, cut, clarity, and carat, the price of yellow sapphire stones depends on their quality. However, in addition to yellow sapphire, the other factors that influence the price of stones include inclusions within the stone as well as colors.

In this case, the color of yellow sapphires of the standard category is red-orange. According to its weight, gemstones can cost between 800 and 1000 rupees per carat. This product has a low price, so people don’t have to worry about extra expenses.

Fine Quality Yellow Sapphire Gemstone:

Compared to the standard yellow sapphire gemstone, this gem has fewer inclusions. Wearing this gemstone once can have better astrological effects than using standard yellow sapphire stones.

Price range of yellow sapphire stone from 2500 to 4000 rupees per carat.  The most important benefit of buying this gemstone from a reputed jeweler or gems dealer is the astrological effect of Jupiter on the purchaser.

Yellow Sapphire Premium Grade

This stone is very low in inclusions (vvs) and has noteworthy characteristics like clarity, transparency, and treatment. Premium Yellow Sapphire gemstones display remarkably high transparency and high clarity factors, along with their striking cut and rare treatments.

Prices for premium quality stones range from 10,000 per carat to 15,000 per carat. Its wearer will enjoy endearing results when wearing Yellow Sapphire Premium Grader. When you know the difference between a genuine yellow sapphire and a fake or impure stone, you can easily identify the yellow sapphire.

Yellow sapphire stone is highly transparent and is free from flaws. Under a magnifying glass, check the stone for any lines or other flaws that may distinguish it from yellow sapphire premium. It has a tremendously positive effect on the wearer’s life to wear Yellow Sapphire Super Premium.

Yellow Sapphire Super Premium Grade

A stone’s color, cut, and clarity make them a leader in their class. Our gemstone experts thoroughly analyze super-premium grade gemstones so that their wearer achieves optimum results. It is possible for yellow sapphire prices per carat to range between 30,000 and 50, 000 per carat.

There is a very small possibility of finding a yellow sapphire gemstone that does not have any inclusions and is high on quality parameters. However, Yellow Sapphire Super Premium boasts all the characteristics that are necessary for a stone to be referred to as Super Premium grade.

In case of high-quality yellow sapphire, it contains naturally occurring impurities in its crystal

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