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Balancing Moon in Libra assists in smoothing out any surprises that come up. Whether it’s extreme weather or some other unplanned element, you’ll find a way through it or around it to continue on.

There are distractions in the day that may give you the illusion that life is no different. If you find the time to reflect, you’ll see that you’re edging close to a new path.

Uranus, the disrupter and Pluto, the transformer have a part in that. Pay attention to what comes up when the Moon touches off with the widening Uranus/Pluto square today.

By the Aries New Moon on April 7, the Sun and Moon will join Uranus in Aries and square Pluto. You have two weeks to create a strategy for some serious trailblazing that you’ll courageously begin then.

Listen for messages that give you more information about preparing for your next steps. With the communicator, Mercury in Aries, trine Mars in Sagittarius, the activator, it’s a great time to create a plan of your big picture for the next 9 months.

What seeds are you planting? What’re you consciously intending for this time? If you’re planning on business as usual, consider an alternate plan that focuses on where you want to grow.

By planning ahead, you’ll have a head start on the upcoming Mars retrograde, that begins April 17, a day before Pluto turns retrograde. Aligning with your highest intentions has never been so important.

Sometimes a lot needs to physically shift so that you can walk your talk. Now is the time to get ready.

Use your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant to read your personal horoscope.

Aries – You’re free to enjoy life and you’re alert and alive with abundant opportunities. Mars will be around for 3 months to open your mind with many different pursuits. Think about what area of your life is most important for you to drill into to create greater personal happiness?

Taurus – You’ll notice that you’re becoming very clear about what you want. Security is especially important to you right now. With self-discipline you can do great things with your strong personal energy. All things are possible with patience.

Gemini – Relationships are blossoming and multiplying as Mars hangs out in your 7th house for another 3 months. You have the personal authority to handle boundary questions that may arise. And you’ll likely have to stand up to the influence of others. Start early and be clear about your position.

Cancer – You really need to go over the structure of your future plan. Yes, there’s a lot going on, but somehow you have to make time for this in the next day. Maybe you have ideas to teach and lead others? Don’t sabotage your intentions and ignore the details by putting this off.

Leo – Mars will be drilling into your passionate nature for the next 3 months. You may get a little more stubborn about defending your pride and ambitions, but it’s a great time to shine and express your adventurous mind. Find an outlet for you to teach what you know.

Virgo – For a couple of months you’ll feel the happy energy of Mars in Sagittarius, direct and retrograde in your 4th house. Today, plan for deep changes you want to make in your inner world and home. Mars is an energy generator and takes patience to be at ease with when he sticks around for 3 months.

Libra – Your energy is good and you have a strong mental connection with others in your community. Put this dynamic force into focus with a structured plan for growth. It’s easy for you to multi-task. Your stories will be impactful as you channel meaning into your communications.

Scorpio – You enjoy the best things in life and sometimes it’s hard to resist indulging in what gives you security. You’ll want to develop a more conservative perspective as you review the details of your current status and plan to make solid steps toward a stable future.

Sagittarius – Your ideas are aligned in an ambitious direction. You’re very courageous right now and are ready to assert yourself where ever needed. Keep in mind that you may also have to make some compromises with others to get what you really want. You’re learning more about the adventures of the higher mind.

Capricorn – Whatever it is you’re planning, you’re probably not sharing it with anyone else. You’re influenced by others and may be connecting with some ancestral wisdom. There’s information from the past that is meaningful for you and will offer ideas for your new beginning.

Aquarius – The unknown calls to you and you’re ready to answer. You can meet your need for new experiences by writing out your intentions for the remainder of the year. Include the perfect balance in group and personal relationships. Be patient and get ready because your life will be changing soon.

Pisces – Without much fanfare, you’re seizing some important opportunities for your professional growth. You know what you need and you are encouraged to act toward your goals. Visualize what you want in every dimension of your life. This is a fertile time for you to make things happen in the next 4 weeks.

Aspects on 3/21:
  • Moon in Libra sextile Saturn in Sagittarius at 7:33am PDT/3:23pm GMT/2:23am AEST
  • Moon in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn at 9:26am PDT/5:26pm GMT/4:26am AEST
  • Moon in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries at 1:55pm PDT/9:55pm GMT/8:55am AEST
  • Moon void of course in Libra at 1:55pm PDT/9:55pm GMT/8:55am AEST
  • Mercury in Aries trine Mars in Sagittarius at 3:45pm PDT/11:45pm GMT/10:45am AEST
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