Preparation for an unforgettable experience in Dubai desert safari

Dubai is a luxurious city surrounded by a huge desert land which is one of the largest and the most famous tourist attractions for many from across the world. This beautiful city has proved to be one of the best places for desert adventures and thrilling activities. The Desert Safari Dubai is loved by many people because of the desert and adventure sports that it offers to its tourists. Dubai desert safari involves activities like sand boarding, dune bashing, camel riding, quad biking and a lot more. However, to enjoy all these activities, and to make the most of your Dubai Tours, there are certain points that you must keep in mind.

Below we’ve listed a few pre-desert safari tips that can make your safari adventure more fun and comfortable. So, keep all these tips handy and enjoy your Dubai desert safari trip at ease.

1.   Make your Dubai tour plan at the best time of the year

Despite the hot and humid weather taking a toll on everyone, there are still some times of the year when your Dubai tour can be an excellent pursuit. The best time to visit and explore Dubai is between November and March, as during these months the hot temperature is at control. Generally, the weather in Dubai can go up to 50 to 55 degrees centigrade, but during these months it is the best time to travel to Dubai.

2.   Know about the adventure sports before opting for them:

The desert safari in Dubai is one of a kind experience because of the adventure sports that it offers and the spectacular view of the desert and the beautiful sky. There are many desert adventures that you can go for including, sand boarding, quad biking, camel riding and many more. It is always fun to experience these activities with your friends and family, however, the thing to keep in mind is to always follow your instructors and guide as these thrilling sports can be risky and difficult for the first-timers. Just be careful and always follow each and every word your instructor tells you about the sports activity you are planning to do.

3.   Always wear comfortable clothes:

When heading out for your Dubai desert safari, always opt for casual and comfortable clothes as these would be an ideal choice for you to enjoy all the fun activities. Go for comfortable clothes such as cotton t-shirts and shorts and relax while going for sports activities.

4.   Wear comfortable shoes/sandals/flip flops:

It is always preferable to wear comfortable shoes that can open very easily. So, go for open shoes, sandals or flip flops that can be taken off easily while you are having fun and playing in the desert. Comfortable footwear is also important as you’ll be frequently getting in and out of the vehicle onto the sand. Sandals and flip flops are recommended as the sand could be taken off easily from these.

5.   Always follow and listen to your instructors:

Dune bashing and sand boarding can be a difficult roller coaster experience, especially, if you are doing them for the first time. So, do listen to all the instructions carefully while doing these activities in order to be safe and secure. Be extra cautious if you have senior citizens and children with you. Inform your instructor about any health issue you are facing currently to ensure if a particular desert sports activity is safe for you.

6.   Carry with you the right essentials:

A major thing to remember when going for a desert safari trip in Dubai is to carry all the right things. Carrying a thin stole or jacket is advisable for evening desert safari as the weather in the desert tends to get a bit cold at night. On the other hand, if you are going for a morning or afternoon desert safari then sunglasses are a must as sand can get into your eyes and can ruin all your fun. Sunscreens and sunblocks are also important essentials you must always carry in your bag when heading out to explore the deserts of Dubai. Another very important thing that you shouldn’t miss at all is your camera. There are plenty of wild animal species like reptiles and deer which you would definitely like to capture in your camera.

The uniqueness of the Dubai desert safari will only be cherished by taking a Dubai tour and experiencing the desert safari adventure. Although all the fun and enjoyment of almost all the Dubai tour operators will be more or less the same but the campsite, insurance, and the skills of the driver are a few things that you can consider to differentiate between them.

Desert safari has now become an extremely famous activity among the tourists from all parts of the world who visit here to see the grandeur and luxury of this megacity; and all thanks to the Dubai tourism that have made this possible. So, while you arrange your visit to this beautiful city of world records, don’t forget to explore the desert with the amazing Dubai desert safari trip.

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