Premium Quality Pool Fencing- What You Should Know

Nothing is better than a nice, cool dip in a pool on a hot summer day. While you have the option of public pools, they are undoubtedly one of the most unhygienic places and hence many people will have the luxury of owning private pools in their backyard. This comes with relatively better hygiene, but it is undeniable that pools are dangerous areas hence there is hence a need for premium quality pool fencing.

What Is A Pool Fence?

A pool fence is a passive physical barrier around the pool, creating an enclosed space which prevents unauthorized entry into the pool. It usually is installed to keep young children, and pets out. Children, out of excitement tend to go into the pool and if there is no one there, they risk getting very severely injured and even dying.

Most countries have their own regulations regarding pools and one of them is that the door must have self-latching and beyond the reach of a child. The fence is made high enough that a child cannot climb across and usually good, sturdy quality material is used.

Pool Fencing Pool Fencing

What Are Pool Fences Made Of?

Premium quality pool fencing comes with a good amount of customization options. Pool fences can be made of many materials such as

  • Steel
  • Glass
  • Aluminum
  • Polyvinyl chloride

You could keep the fence see through or if you are concerned about privacy, you can keep it completely opaque, but you should preferably go with premium quality pool fencing. This ensures that the safety of your child is assured. A poor-quality glass fence may break and become a serious liability. A poorly manufactured steel fence may start getting oxidized and rusted.

What Is the Cost of Premium Quality Pool Fencing?

The cost of fencing your pool varies from region to region and the type of material you use. A very conservative estimate would suggest that fencing will cost you around USD $1000 to over USD $15,000. A 40 x 40 glass fence will cost up to $20,000 while a wood one will do the job in about half this price.

Aluminum fences should cost around five thousand US dollars. The recommended height of a fence is about 4 feet but depending upon your requirements, you may extend the fence even higher, of course at a higher price.

Pool Fencing Pool Fencing

What Should You Do Before Hiring an Installer?

  • Before hiring someone to install your fence, you must decide on what type of fence you want.
  • You should understand your need; do you care only about the safety or does aesthetics also play a role?
  • You need to set a budget and have a clear picture in mind about what you expect at the end of the job.
  • Look for companies who have experience with installing such fences and who assure the usage of premium quality material. You don’t want to end up with a bad looking or poorly installed fence which will topple over in one breeze.
  • Clarify with the workers about all regulations that need to be met and ask for suggestions for the best possible result.

Pros of Premium Quality Pool Fencing

  • Safety of children
  •   Keeps leaves and debris away from the water to some extent
  • Aesthetically pleasing if executed well
  • Can provide privacy

So, in conclusion, pool fencing is important for the safety of children and even legally mandatory in many countries. One should go for premium quality pool fencing so as to be guaranteed the best quality with best aesthetics.

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