Pre & Postnatal PT: Know How it Makes Delivery Easier

Many women think that the pressure, frustration and pain they face during pregnancy or after the baby birth are common and it often goes away with time, but that is not right. Only giving advice during pregnancy to do Kegels is not just enough, when you don’t have anyone to guide the right way of doing Kegels perfectly. Finding the right helping hand coil help you to give birth to a healthy baby. If you are planning to get pregnant or you are in the middle of pregnancy or recently given birth to a child, there are several reasons you should see a physical therapist, especially who have expertise in women health and practise. 

Why Physical Therapy only?

When you get pregnant, you will feel changes mentally and physically. This happens due to changes in hormones when changes are actively made in both progesterone and relaxin, it will make your connective tissue laxer in your body. This condition allows space to your body to give delivery to the baby on time. Due to changes in hormones, your previously stable pelvis joints and muscles near the spine become more mobile, which impact the joints all over the body. This condition normally called – Ligamentous Laxity. These changes lead to fluid retention and cause high cramping near pelvis joints and thighs. Critically, you may problems like carpal tunnel syndrome in your arms and hands. 

Physical therapy helps you to treat all the symptoms you may have during pregnancy and focus on the following treatments:

  • Control stress and pain of urinary and fecal incontinence problem
  • Pain near pelvic joints
  • Constipation issues
  • Bladder Syndrome (Interstitial Cystitis)

Pre & Postnatal

How could the Prenatal & Postnatal Physical Therapy Guide?

Lymphatic Drainage:

Prenatal & Postnatal Physical Therapists perform different techniques such as Lymphatic Drainage to control pelvic pain and reduce constipation and bladder syndrome problem. This technique helps in reducing hand swelling and also controls your abdomen congestion. The aim of using this technique is to offer you safe and immediate relief by reducing fluid retention. 

Gentle Body movement: 

Physical therapists guide you on how to minimize pressure and pain occurred near pelvic joints and spine muscles. They educate you on minimizing fluid retention, controlling unnecessary joints movements and making safe positioning. You will also be taught how to mobilize restricted joints and nerves slowly in order to decrease the problems of carpal tunnel syndrome and thigh cramping.

Manual Therapy:

Therapists use soft tissues mobilization and joint mobility techniques through manual exercises like lightweight stretching, strengthening exercises etc. to manage optimal muscle strength and flexibility while moving body. It also helps in maintaining core body stability to optimize body positioning while standing, walking, bending and while sleeping. 

Postural Education:

Professional pre & postnatal therapists educate you about right and correct positioning in order to manage physical strength. They also train you how to position yourself while sleeping so that you can prevent sudden pelvic pain. You can also be trained to control your diaphragm activity ton optimize breathing patterns perfectly. 

You can easily optimize your body and control these pain during movements easily, but consulting with experienced pre& postnatal treatment experts can assist you in preventing serious issues you may face during pregnancy days. Even you are planning to have a child in future then consulting with these experts will help you get normal a stabilized delivery for more details, call Austin Manual Therapy Associates.

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