Portable Fans: Best to Stay Cool Anywhere During Summers

Whenever the summer arrives, the best thing to do is to own a portable fan which you can carry anywhere to make yourself comfortable during the scorching summers. The portable fans can very effectively cool down the temperature of the air and also considerably bring in some great improvement in the ventilation. For all those regions which experience a series of summer months, the portable fan can be used both in office and in homes. Portable fans which are small are also used in cars.

What is a portable fan? How can it be called a high quality cooling device?

A portable fan is a wonderful cooling device which is very easy to handle and can be moved from one place to another conveniently. The portable fans may not be as powerful as the conventional fans, but they can be carried anywhere and can be used conveniently in all places like your residence, office, vehicle or during the outdoor activities.

Portable Fans
Portable Fans

What are the advantages of using a portable fan?

There are several advantages to using a portable fan. This can efficiently cool the atmosphere in a small room and can be ideally used by a single person. The portable fans are energy efficient and environment-friendly. They are much cheaper to be operated as compared to the air conditioners, and they circulate the cool air pretty fast.

Things to consider while purchasing a portable fan

  • Desk fans – The small desk fans are perfectly suitable for office use and can be used for getting a welcome breeze during the summers. So, if you are planning to use the portable fan majorly in the office, then it would be wise to opt for a model which can be suitably placed on the desk.
  • Floor fans – There are certain models of portable fans which are available to be placed on the floor. These floor fans are available in various shapes like square, column or round shaped. The round shaped floor portable fans can suitably stand atop and effectively distribute the cool air within the room.
  • Size of the fan – The portable desk fans are available in various sizes. Some of the models are handheld and are absolutely apt to be used while you are travelling.  The square portable fans are usually around 18-20 inches in height. In case the size of your room is bigger, you would ideally require two or three-floor fans which should be placed in the opposite corners in order to cool down the room effectively.
  • Velocity – This is obvious that the portable fans with a higher velocity have greater power of circulating the air. With a higher velocity, there are chances that the users may suffer a sore throat or dry eyes.
  • Weight – In case you are planning to move your portable fan quite often, then the weight is certainly a major consideration. So, in such cases, you should choose a model of the fan which is light-weight.
  • Noise – Noise is certainly the most irritating factor because it can majorly disturb your work or sleep. So, you should ideally choose a design of a portable fan that makes the least level of noise.
  • Choice of multiple speeds – The temperature level keeps changing. So, you should ideally choose a model of the portable fan which has got multiple speed options.
Portable Fans
Portable Fans

This would be a great idea to have a good portable fan in your closet to be comfortable during the summers in the most energy-efficient and cost-effective way possible. You can now buy portable fans online and get attractive discounts on multiple purchases. Often these fans serve you better than air conditioners, and you can easily maintain the fans as well as the monthly electricity bill of your home.

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