Popular Styles of Modern Engagement Rings

The engagement ring – a symbol of love, commitment, and a promise to marry. This piece of jewelry plays a lead role in instigating one of the most important days of your life, and so choosing the right ring is essential. You want it to be thoughtful, unique, but in keeping with your bride-to-be’s style. With so many elements of ring buying to think about it’s difficult to know where to begin! For some guidance, read about the most popular modern designer engagement rings stones and styles at the moment below. This will give you an idea of what’s current and whether contemporary style rings will suit your better half. Also, in the process, it shall provide you with some ideas to add to your shortlist when ring shopping.

The Shaped Diamond

If you think that a diamond will be the apple of your loved one’s eye, you needn’t stick with the generic round cut stone, as there are a variety of different shapes that are popular and readily available on the market right now. From pear cut to heart-shaped, to round cut center stones stacked with emerald-cut baguettes either side. Distinct shaped diamonds arranged symmetrically create an aesthetically pleasing, luxurious looking modern ring. This is a piece of jewelry that your fiance and onlookers are bound to adore.

Yellow Gold

Platinum and rose gold in recent years have remained a favorite choice amongst many for both engagement and wedding rings. However, there is an overlooked element that has started to make a return to the jeweler’s glass shelves this year – yellow gold. A sparkly diamond, in particular, creates a subtle but elegant contrast against a gold band. For an example, Google an emerald-cut stone on a gold ring, and you shall witness the embodiment of modern chic.

Hidden Halo

You may have noticed in recent years plenty of engagement rings in the jeweler’s window, laced throughout online jewelers stores and dawning the ring finger of brides-to-be – a centerpiece diamond laced with a thin halo of smaller gems. The halo frames the stone and successfully outlines the beauty of the gem. Although, the halo has recently evolved and taken on a new role. The modern hidden halo is set further back, and closer to the band of the ring. On occasion, the hidden halo presents the illusion that it’s threaded underneath the main gemstone.

Gemstone Ring

For a great way to show your appreciation for your partners’ sense of individuality, opt for a gemstone as the centerpiece of your chosen engagement ring. From royal blue to emerald green, or even sapphire pink (see Lady Gaga’s engagement ring) there are a plethora of gemstones emulating beauty and elegance available in a range of hues. And so, there is bound to be something that your companion will adore.

The ring is an integral part of your proposal and will rest on your fiances ring finger forever. Hence, taking time and effort to find the right ring that will fit both of your affections is crucial.

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