Poker licenses is it needed when starting a poker site

Poker is one of the most played card games on the planet. The history of poker dates back to the days when friends and colleagues used to gather around a table and play rounds of cards. It has, since then, evolved with time to become a huge online gaming platform where people can use various channels to play cards and win big. 

In recent years, there has been an increase in the popularity of poker and the annual revenue generated by poker alone is in the hundreds of millions. It is no surprise, then, that young entrepreneurs want to start their own poker websites to get a slice of the cake. 

Read on as we find out what poker licenses are and whether or not they are required for you to open an online poker website. 

What is a Poker License? 

Like all gambling sites, poker sites also require a license for legal operations. This license is obtained from the relevant gambling authority and the paperwork and application process can take upto one year for a fully functional license allowing you to open your own poker site. Licenses are crucial to the legal functioning of the site and save you and others a lot of time and hassle, not to mention legal scrutiny when it comes to disputes and other unforeseen issues. 

Why Should You Get a Poker License? 

Getting a poker license is an important step towards ensuring that your website will perform well. Once your site has been licensed appropriately, you will get to choose online poker softwares from multiple top-rated software companies. 

Licenses are important because players tend to play at sites that have legitimacy and legality. They want the assurance that none of their payments will be withheld and that the payments and transactions will utilise extremely secure systems. This is possible only if the site has been properly licensed. 

Poker Licenses and Regional Laws

Before embarking on the journey of starting your own poker website, you need to decide the region where you want your customer base from. Rules and laws regarding gambling and poker can vary from state to state and between different countries and deciding where to start your site is very important. 

If you choose to open your site to a country like the United Kingdom, you should be prepared for the strict rules and regulations. The UK is one of the toughest countries in terms of rules and regulations regarding online gambling. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for minimum rules and lax regulations, you can opt for a country like Malta where you as an operator would have greater freedom of operation. Learn more about 

Can a Poker License Affect Players? 

You should keep in mind that the choice of the country of licensing can affect your player base and therefore your earnings. 

Players are more likely to choose a poker site with a well-reputed license rather than a license obtained from a relatively lesser known country. 

For instance, a UK Gambling Authority license will be more credible in a player’s eyes as compared to a non-UK Gambling Authority one.

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Other Important Things to Keep in Mind

Some of the other important points to remember before thinking about starting a poker site are the costs associated with the site. There are numerous expenses including the web development, licensing, advertising, operations and maintenance costs, etc. to name a few. While the licensing process takes its due time, you can also hire services that offer to expedite your licensing process, adding to the overall expenses.

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