Plump it up – celebs that (probably) did the lip enhancement


There is nothing strange about celebrities who turn to some touching up now and then. It’s one of the requirements of the business. Standards of beauty for today’s stars are hardly reachable, but it is sometimes necessary to live up to them. Still, that doesn’t have to be wrong or bad. If done well, cosmetic procedures can really enhance the appearance of a person, while not altering its most recognizable physical features. One of the most popular alterations is lip augmentation. Let’s see which celebs have (probably) injected some sexiness into their lips.

Kylie Jenner

kylie jenner

When we noticed, some time back, that young Kylie has little bigger lips than we are used to, we immediately thought that isn’t natural change. The assumption that such a young girl has had a cosmetic procedure was quite a shock because of her age. For some time, she wouldn’t admit that she’s done it. When she finally came clean, she said she’d undergo the procedure because she was insecure about her look. Kylie turned to temporary lip fillers to solve this vulnerability.

Iggy Azalea


Another young girls’ idol has boosted her lips appearance with fillers. Plastic surgery isn’t stranger for this star, so lip enhancement was just as easy for her as for us to put our makeup on. In 2014 we’ve noticed that her lips, especially the top one, seemed plumper and she didn’t miss any opportunity to make them even more conspicuous with bright lipsticks. She’s a fan of head-to-toe cosmetic surgeries. Still, we think she’s, for now, on the winning side. Maybe it would be better for her to stop while she’s ahead.

Tulisa Contostavlos


This singer and former X factor judge admitted she had lip-boosting injections to enhance her appearance. To her, there is no need to hide that fact, because it is a personal thing and there is nothing wrong about it. The new look of her lips makes her happy and more confident. However, she denies any form of “surgery”, because there is no “going under the knife” involved. The small things she’s done to look better, are in fact, only “cosmetic enhancements”.

Jessica Simpson


This is the case of lip fillers greediness. In the distant 2005, the young Jessica Simpson had a not-so-good experience with lip injections. The results were excessive and unnatural. The bottom lip was shaped oddly and she additionally made things worse with conspicuous lip gloss. In the recent years, however, we might say, she had almost learned her lesson. She’s still using filers, but at least that weird lower lip arc is gone.

Jennifer Garner


Here is one case lips-so-gorgeous-even-women-wants-to-kiss-them. Are they natural, though? Over the years this Hollywood’s girl-next-door had her share of nip/tuck/enhance/fix, etc. Still, she denies having any lip fillers. Jen is trying her best to disprove these gossips, but looking at side by side before and after images, the suspicion remains. Today, her lips seem much livelier and fuller than when she entered the cruel world of red carpet. We can’t claim anything, because if she did have the fillers than it was just a small enhancement, because her lips were always beautiful. It could run in the family, as she explained. All we know that if those lips are the-real-deal, we envy her.

No matter if these celebs are keeping their lips sealed about their enhancements or they are saying it loud and proud, we will keep observing them curiously, searching for all the clues of changes – for better or worse.

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