Pleat It Up: Rock Your Wardrobe With These Pleated Pieces

Want to step up your style game this season? Well, all you need is a pleated piece in your outfit. The pleated outfit trend came to its peak in 2016 and continues to stay there this year too!

What I love the most about this trend is that it’s something, which looks attractive and flattering on all of us and not just the runway models, or celebrities (which is often the case with most fashion trends). So let us give you some great reasons to wear pleated pieces and how you can incorporate them in your outfits.

#4 – Just for Fun

If you’re looking for a chic but fun outfit then wear a pleated long skirt and mix it up with the most fun shirt and accessories that you have. A pleated skirt can be tailored into a cute but modest outfit and it’s incredibly breezy, making it perfect for the warmer days ahead.

Moreover, pleated skirts tend to drape your body nicely without giving a bulky look, making them an ideal choice for curvy girls. One of the most fun but feminine colour combinations to try with pleated skirts this year would be the pink and purple combo and it looks absolutely breath taking in the Spring season.

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#3 – Wear Them Anytime and Anywhere

While many outfits are usually restricted to either daytime or nighttime, pleated dresses can be worn at absolutely any time of the day. Similarly, they are also not restricted in terms of where you can or can not wear them. Whether you’re looking for casual wear, work outfit or a sexy look for girl’s night out, you can always dress up or dress down a pleated dress within minutes.

For a classy girls night out, try wearing a floral crop top or a striped cropped sweater over a plain pleated maxi dress and it’ll make one of the most refreshing outfits. Similarly for a more professional look, you could wear your pleated dress with a belt and blazer to really step up your style game at work. And for a romantic date night, nothing beats a pleated lace maxi dress with its effortlessly romantic silhouette.

#2 – For the Sake of Comfort

Pleated skirts look great in comparatively shorter lengths so a pleated midi skirt is the ultimate epitome of style and comfort. This is definitely something worth investing into because it’ll be your best friend on those incredibly busy days when you can’t decide what to wear.

The skirt on its own is enough to help you make a style statement so you don’t need to invest a lot of time or effort into dressing it up. You can simply wear it with a tucked in blouse, tee or a sleeveless top, get into your favourite pumps and just dance out the door.

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#1 – Versatility

Here is one of the best things about having pleated pieces in your wardrobe – they are unbelievably versatile! You could wear a pleated skirt with vans for a swag street style look or heels for a formal party look. This is because you can wear them with absolutely any type of shoes as well as tops – whether it’s a turtleneck, a crop top, a tee or even a bomber jacket, you can easily pair them up. They are flattering on almost all body types and ladies of all ages, which is why this ultra-feminine trend continues to rock the runways at every fashion week.

So to sum up, every girl needs some pleated outfits in her wardrobe this year since this is more of an obsession than a trend and it definitely isn’t going away anytime soon.

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