Planning to Renovate Your Kitchen? Here Are Top 7 Trends

Kitchen is important part of your home and so it must be on your renovation plan. In fact, kitchen remodeling is a good way of upgrading your home. But for many home owners, it is difficult to decide on choosing the right upgrades, meaning what to add and what to remove, or what direction to take your remodeling idea. Keeping track of latest trends will not only help you make the right choice but also it will help you choose the best kitchen remodeling contractor to get the work done.

To decide on what to go with for your kitchen improvements, you should take into consideration your needs, family size, and the amount of available space that you have. Do not go for the changes that will overly cramp or restrict movement in your kitchen. You should look for the ways that help you further open and make more efficient use of the space.  

With all the considered, we have come out a list of the top ten trends widely being used for kitchen remodeling project.

#1 Go green

The pace at which environment is getting populated is a big concern.  We all do make the contribution we can. And you can contribute to the fight to protect the environment by adopting eco-friendly lifestyle. You can reduce your carbon footprint with kitchen furnishings built from renewable resources such as sustainable tabletops build from bamboo. These butcher block style surfaces are eco-friendly and look attractive. They can be used for countertops or tables.

#2 Contemporary Cabinets 

It is time to switch to minimalistic modern designs that use touch-latches and aluminum or bamboo surfaces and glass. Contemporary cabinets will reduce the use of hardware and the best of all, there is a wide variety of designs and styles available to choose from. Also choose your remodeling contractor who has experience of installing fixtures made of using eco-friendly materials such as bamboo.


#3 Efficient Appliances

Time-saving appliances are becoming an increasingly popular addition to many kitchens. These include induction cooktops which heat and cool at a much faster rate, creating safer surfaces without having to wait as long for them to begin their job. A convection oven can also help cook food faster, reducing the amount of time you spend cooking.


#4 Kitchen Lighting

Lighting is an important part of any kitchen.  Choose the lighting systems that save you on electricity consumption, but they don’t have to be dull, run of the mill lighting. There are lots of smart lighting options, task lighting, or even cabinet lighting that eliminate shadows and make your kitchen appear warm and inviting. They consume less energy compared to ordinary lighting systems.


#5 Walk-In Pantries 

If you need more storage space for dry goods, cans, and cooking surplus or your kitchen does not have enough space, you can consider walk-in pantries. They are easy to carry anywhere. So you can keep it at place and get it when you need.  This allows you more space and to enjoy a clear and organized kitchen.

Whatever changes you want to make to your kitchen, your kitchen contractor should be comfortable working according to your requirements. And the best thing for you is there are a number of reliable contractors in Maryland, USA providing kitchen remodeling services. So finding a good kitchen remodeler should not be a matter of concern.

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