With awareness surrounding environmental issues continuing to grow, so too is the number of people considering an eco-friendly wedding. But don’t worry, of you’re considering a move to more planet-friendly practices, you won’t need to walk down the aisle in a bag for life!

Here, we’ve compiled some style ideas inspired by nature to make sure you and your entire wedding party look your best on your big day – all while keeping one eye on the environment.

The dress

Of course, the most obvious thing that springs to mind when considering an eco-friendly wedding dress is to look second-hand. A beautiful and heartfelt addition to your big day would be to wear a family member’s dress, working with a seamstress to get that perfect fit and that ultimate personalised touch.

If that’s not an option, check out vintage clothes shops and even charity shops – saving you money whilst saving the planet. If you’d prefer to wear a new wedding dress (this is your wedding day, after all), consider designers who use sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, silk and hemp. Floral details in the lace of the dress make for a unique look of sophistication while drawing inspiration from the natural landscape.

The flowers

A great way to draw some style inspiration from your eco-friendly theme is through the addition of flowers. Versatile as both an outfit accessory and decorative feature, ask a local florist about in-season flowers that can be grown locally to ensure the freshest and best quality stems.

The addition of lapel flowers are a great final touch to the outfits of the groom and groomsmen. Consider carmations for that classic look, ensuring the flower is real rather than the cheaper, plastic alternative. For centrepieces, choose potted plants, blooms and topiaries. These will fit perfectly with your theme and serve as a beautiful decorative feature, and can be taken home to be replanted after your big day.

The extras

Whilst flowers are a great way to add a touch of natural beauty to the wedding, it’s the jewellery that really rounds off that classic bridal look. To maintain the nature-inspired style, avoid flashy accessories and instead look for natural coloured and subtly beautiful little extras such as amber jewellery.

Maintaining a consistent natural colour scheme is a great way to extend your eco-friendly theme, and the addition of some thoughtfully chosen jewellery will ensure the bride is as stunning as the natural world around her.

The setting

Picking a venue rich with natural beauty and rural landscape supplies the perfect backdrop to your ceremony and provide you with stunning, nature-inspired wedding photos that will last a lifetime.

However, it’s important when considering your venue that you don’t simply pick an environmental aesthetic, but also practice an environmentally-friendly wedding plan from start to finish. Weddings in national parks, for example, are becoming increasingly popular for their natural beauty, but are at risk of environmental damage if a wedding isn’t planned to be as ecologically conscious as it can be. 

Following these tips to bring a nature-inspired touch to your wedding will help you create the stunning eco-friendly day of your dreams. But it’s important to remember that this is your wedding, so don’t be afraid of adding your own mark to these tips and ideas!

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