Plan A Fantastic Honeymoon in Kerala!

India, the land of cultures and population is also extremely diverse when it comes to landscapes. Scenic hill stations, lovely trekking routes, pristine waterfalls, tropical greenery, and lively beaches – the different sceneries in the country make it an attractive destination for holidaying. Among the varied visuals and landscapes, Kerala has often stood as a destination that calls out to the couples looking to celebrate a romance. Clean air, lush greenery, charming backwaters, lovely beaches, glorious hill stations – a couple’s holiday in Kerala has so much to offer! Other than connecting with nature in the purest ways, the state packs wonderful adventures that could mark a wonderful start to a married life.

The state has a holiday plan for every kind of traveller; it’s easy to find the best beach resorts in Kerala populated with couples and families who love to the sound of the sea. Similarly, at the magnificent waterfalls at Athirappilly and Vazhachal, you will find many groups of travellers – friends, families – happily frolicking in the waters. Planning a honeymoon in Kerala is not as difficult as it is to nail the destinations in the respective travel plans. Here are some of the top spots in Kerala you can consider to create a rockstar of honeymoon itinerary:  

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This is for the couple looking for a peaceful, laidback adventure. Marari beach especially is known for its tranquility and can be the perfect escape for a corporate couple. Marari beach hotels should be your first consideration for accommodation; among them, it is Marari Sands by Tree Leaf Hospitality that has our vote. Stunning architecture, lazy hammocks, spotless beach, fresh food, spellbinding spa sessions- these are only some of the reasons why this beach resort is a flawless accommodation for newly-married. Add to this an incredible sunset view and you can have the most romantic dinner setting for your beloved.


Can one come to Kerala and not explore the beautiful backwaters it is so renowned for? A few kilometers away from Marari is the lovely town of Alappuzha. The town follows the exquisite backwater trail from Kumarakom and Cochin towards the north, and Quilon towards the South. The houseboat ride down the backwaters is absolutely spellbinding. You can even drop into certain stretches to catch fresh seafood for dinner that the staff on the houseboat could cook to your tastes.


If the hills have your heart, then Munnar is the one place you should not miss out on. The breathtaking lush greenery with tea plantations is a sight to behold. Long walks in twilight to get to know each other better, waking up to ethereal views, sipping on a freshly brewed cup of tea are experiences to truly cherish. The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is an absolute thrill for trekking and wildlife sighting. You may also see panthers, spotted deers, elephants in the wild, and with over 200 species of birds residing here, it’s the ultimate treat for a bird watcher.  

Fort Kochi

Kochi is a city that bustles with the urban life, and yet, you will find history peeking out of every corner. Kochi was a major port during the colonial times, and therefore, it’s not unusual to cross-architectural styles inspired by the same. There are many points and popular sights in Kochi that are a must for a history buff, including Mattancherry Synagogue, Dutch Palace. The sight of Chinese fishing nets at Fort Kochi is an iconic setting, perfect to capture those magnificent Instagram worthy shots.


The God’s Own Country has treasures stored in every nook and corner, delighting all those who come to explore. For the honeymooners, a land has never looked more stunning, more surreal and more perfect than Kerala.        

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