Places To Visit In Spain To Witness The Spanish Essence

Spain is among the most influential countries in the world. Flamenco, bullfights and Tapas are just few things that allure people from across the world. The country has everything from heritage to nature’s bounty and a cosmopolitan scenario that flaunt a blend of history and modernity. This list of top places to visit in Spain features destinations that display the best of this country’s art, history and a lot more.


1. Barcelona


One of the most famous cities in Spain, Barcelona mesmerizes with its quirky arts displayed right in the streets. The attention to details of its many architectural marvels like the Antoni Gaudi’s Casa Batllo and Sagrada Familia church will have you captivated. Besides artistry the city boasts of a buzzing shopping scenario and a nightlife that will make you believe that this city never sleeps.


2. Seville

With three UNESCO World Heritage Sites elevating its enchantment, Seville is often featured as a highlight in many Europe tour packages. This is the city where you will come across some of the most ferocious yet fascinating bull fights of the country. And of course, the architecture will leave you spellbound.


3. Madrid

The capital of Spain, this one is unmissable during your trip. The city is known for its nightlife, astounding museums, and architecture. People often say “If you are in Madrid, you are from Madrid”, which is correct because you slowly sink into the essence of this city and embrace it as  your own.


4. Granada

Located in the Southern part of the country, Granada is popular for fabled citadel and the palace of Alhambra, which indeed make it among the most beautiful places to visit in Spain. Watching the Alhambra glowing red with the light of setting sun is a sight to cherish from Mirador de San Nicolás.


5. Jerez de la Frontera

This is a perfect place in Spain to witness the heritage of the country. This 3000 year old town is prettified with cobbled streets, medieval churches, ancient castles, and wine cellars. The Feria del Caballo (the Horse Fair) is one of the best events to attend, as it has been around since 500 years and entertains you from within.


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