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Physical Therapy For Sports Injury - Likeitgirl

Physical Therapy For Sports Injury

Sports injuries are considered to be different from regular injuries. This type of injury commonly affects an athlete. Also, sports injuries occur while you participate in any training, sports, or exercises.

Some of the major causes of this are considered to be the wrong technique of performing a particular exercise, lack of conditioning, and overtraining.

This can occur if someone does not give much importance to the warm-up before they involve in exercising or playing any physical sports. Although the sports injuries are most common among athletes who are associated with any kind of physical sports.

There are other species of athletes who are commonly known as weekend athletes. This group of athletes only engage in sports during the weekends.

Physical injury is more common in the latter group of athletes. This is specifically, these people spend their weekdays doing their sedentary work and sudden exposure of their body to physical work makes them more susceptible to sports injuries.

Physical Therapy And Sports Injuries

Sports Injury

Athletes put their body under huge pressure which results in wearing and tearing in the bones, joints, and muscles. So, in this case, physical therapy or physiotherapy is considered to be the best approach to cope with sports injuries.

This physical therapy helps in the effective management of the injuries along with the physical issues which are associated with the athletes.

Sports physiotherapists make use of this physical therapy in making the recovery quick. Not only that, but they also focus on providing education on the prevention of such injuries in the future.

Their knowledge is known to be sports specific which is very effective in addressing this particular issue. As a result, this therapy works like a magic in providing quick recovery to the athletes.

Any athlete who is suffering from this type of injury should opt for physical rehabilitation. In this case, physical therapy helps to recover the condition and regain strength as well as movement in parts of their body after an injury.

Different Types Of Sports Injury To Know About

Below are mentioned some of the most common types of the sports injuries like:

  •         Shin Splints 

This is a type of overuse injury that mostly occurs in the case of runners. Also, this affects the inside portion of the shin or lower leg area. This form of injury is most common in those athletes who are suffering from a flat feet problem.

  •         Muscle Strain 

This is regarded as one of the most common types of sports injuries which often occurs when a muscle tears by overstretching.

Muscle strains specifically affect the calves, quadriceps, shoulder, lower back, and groin. This type of injury can be easily recovered with physical therapy, some rest, and the application of ice compression over the affected area.

  •         Tennis Elbow 

This is also considered to be an overuse injury that affects the tendons located on the outer portion of the elbows. Also, this type of injury is more prevalent in cricketers and racket players.

Although physiotherapy, an adequate amount of rest, and anti-inflammatory medications are proved to be very helpful in the healing process, in some severe cases, this can even require surgery.

  •         Stress Fracture 

This is also known to be a form of overuse injury. Stress fractures usually occur when the muscles are unable to absorb the pressure.

Thereby, it leads to a fracture. This usually affects the lower legs as well as the feet. Another thing is that women athletes are more prone to such injury when compared to men.

  •         Torn ACL

ACL helps to bring stability by keeping the knee joints together. So, a torn ACL can be a major and painful issue that restricts your walking ability. This type of injury mainly occurs from incorrect landing, a direct shot to the knees, or quick changing of direction.

To combat this type of injury, physical therapy plays a very important role. In some of the cases, it also requires surgery for complete recovery.

  •         Torn MCL 

This is another form of knee injury which occurs when the medial collateral ligament is injured. Sports physiotherapy helps to treat this particular condition. Other than that, this type of knee injury can also be treated with the help of ice compression.

Final Words

So, all of the above-mentioned sports injuries can be effectively treated with the help of sports physiotherapy. Other than that, many other injuries can be treated with this amazing therapy. This involves Hip Bursitis, Runner’s Knee, Lower back injury, Concussion, and a lot more.

As mentioned in the above section, the treatment of sports injuries involves sports physiotherapy along with proper medication which helps to bring relief to the athletes.

Therefore, sports physiotherapy is proved to be very useful in the quick recovery of athletes. Not only that, but it is regarded as the most reliable form of treatment to choose.

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