Do you think photography is just grabbing a camera and capturing objects whatever you like? If yes, expand the horizon of your knowledge. You cannot pursue your career or photography passion by living in this myth. Photography is more than handling a camera, more than picking an object and more than building your portfolio. It is a way to capture memories, tell stories, share the joy and above all, turning ugly into beautiful.

Photography is an art, not a skill. It is inherent, or it is in your genes. You have got different eyes to see the world; you have got a different heart to feel beautiful in the world. How you look at things is naturally different from an ordinary person. You can find beauty in ugly.

Nobody can teach you photography art, but you can learn essential tips to capture moments in your camera. Photography is no longer complicated now because high-tech cameras can help you snap away the whole time. If you have a passion for photography, here are some essential tips to bear in mind.

Get the right equipment

Before you dive into the photography world, you need to buy the right equipment, and the first thing you need to do is a DSLR camera. You must know:

  • How to turn off
  • How to change the shutter speed on the automatic flash
  • How to zoom in and out
  • How to focus

You must know all these essential features to get stunning photos.

Another thing you need to include in equipment is the tripod. Tripods can provide you with both motion and still photography with more stability in your camera. If your hands are shaky, you should use a tripod. However, tripods are not just used for more stability.

Photographers use them to take night time shots. During snapping away in the dark, your camera will need to adjust the shutter speed, and exposure and hence the camera movements may increase, leading to blurry images.

A tripod will control camera movements and let you take a perfect shot. Tripods are used to take close up shots and capture the movements.

Apart from a DSLR camera and a tripod, you will need lenses. They come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure that you invest in the right type of lenses.

For portrait photographs, you may need external lights. It prevents shadow from spoiling your shots.

You will need an external hard drive, memory card, and rechargeable batteries. So, you must have the right equipment to capture the best shots and know all their features so you can use without any hassle.

Find photography inspiration

Inspiration is a must to drive force in you, to encourage you to let your creativity speak in shots. No matter how good you are at operating a camera, if there is nothing that inspires you to capture the beauty of the world, you cannot pursue your passion in the long run. However, there is no one and simple way to find inspiration for photography.

  • Step out and find opportunities to capture the most beautiful and scenic views. Unlock your creativity with the key of inspiration.
  • Look at the work of other renowned photographers. It is a great way to get ideas. Go to a museum and find out the excellent work done by connoisseurs. You can also dive into Google to explore the famous work. The more you explore, the more idea you will get.
  • Another right way to find inspiration is unconventionally capturing standard objects. Whether you take a shot of sky-touching buildings or a gauge, even a regular and ugly place can look stunning if you give it a touch of your creativity. However, if you are tired of capturing standard photographs, you should visit off-beaten, exciting or new places. Explore such sites and find what you can capture.

Learn from your mistakes

Even though you are creative and born with natural talent, you need to practice. The practice is a must to become an excellent photographer. Capture whatever you want and evaluate how you can improve your photography. When you take shots, think about different angles you could use to make your photos stunning. Try to capture in dim light, high light, or in the dark. It will help you understand how you need to play with the settings of your camera to take the best shot.

Of course, in the beginning, you will make several mistakes, and you do not need to get frustrated. All photographers go through this phase when they start their passion, but a professional photographer is one who learns from their mistakes and does not repeat them. Keep trying new styles and techniques as you never know which can lead to the best shot. Expect mistakes along the way, but try to turn them into a lesson.

Your photos are trash and it is OK

The first hundreds of photographs will be abysmal: they will suck and irritate you, but that is OK. It is not surprising to have a large stack of photographs worthless. Therefore, never stop pursuing your passion. The most crucial fact to bear in mind is you are going toward improvement, not perfection.

As long as you are improving, all your efforts are paying you off. Continue to chase improvement because when you go through your entire work, you will surely find that you have made a drastic improvement.

Being a professional photographer takes time and a lot of hard work and patience. Now you do not have any job and so when you are not a professional, why not test your passion in this spare time. If you do not have enough money to invest in equipment, taking out unemployed loans is not going to be an issue. Apart from the right equipment, you must have creativity and skills to put life to a still object.

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