Pet Friendly Winter Destinations in Europe


A pet is not just an animal which resides in our home. In the end, that is why we name it, feed it and cherish it, as a family member. And that is exactly what a pet is. Being that way would seem rather cruel that we go to our winter vacation and leave our pet to the neighbor’s care. The only solution is to take it with us. It is not that simple, though. Some cities are simply not pet friendly and in some hotels it is not allowed to keep a pet inside. If you decide to take your pet on your winter occasion, you do not want for your little darling to sleep outside in the cold weather. So, here are some of the pet friendly destinations in Europe to check out.

Paris, France



Not just Paris, but entire France, is the dogs-allowed-everywhere destination. Most of the restaurants will gladly welcome your canine friend, and just about any store and mall are pet friendly. A well behaved dog will be able to visit many of the tourist attractions too. You can go on public transport and carry your dog, if it is small. Some taxis will allow dogs to drive in their cars. Take all that and the fact that Paris is magical during winter holidays into consideration, and you will pack your bags instantly.

Amsterdam, Holland



In a city renowned for its tolerance, it is no wonder that that tolerance and good will is the same when it comes to pets. Not only you will be able to take your dog to the cafes and stores, but you will be able to find a lot of places for your dog to play. A popular spot with both locals and tourists is the picturesque Ooster Park, which is divided into dog and non-dog zones, mainly because of the children’s safety.

Berlin, Germany


It is only natural for the country that has produced many great dog breeds, such as the German Shepherd Dog is a pet friendly location. If you have a well behaved small dog, you can ride it in a bike basket or carry it on the public transport. And though your furry friend will most definitely love a few bites of the famous German sausage, you should carry a few packs of advance petfood to meet its daily nutritional needs.

National Parks, Ireland

Can you imagine a more beautiful winter vacation than visiting the land of the 40 shades of green mixed with one shade of snowy white? The best thing about it, is that you can take your little furry friend with you. Though dogs are not rather welcomed on the walking trails because they can scare away the numerous sheep, they are allowed to enjoy in Killarney National Park and Wicklow Mountains.

Rome, Italy



In a city where a dog is considered a fashion accessory it would almost be weird not to take your little friend with you. If you have a small furry friend which you can carry under your arm or a handbag, people will beg you to enter their hotel or a restaurant. It is also allowed to walk a dog on the streets, but it has to be on a leash.

Regardless if you are taking your dog, cat or some other pet to vacation, you must be well informed about the things you will face with in a foreign city. You cannot go wrong with these five European destinations.

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