Butterflies in your stomach, thrilled and nervous at the same time, and having no idea what to wear – these are all the feelings that always overwhelm us before we go on our first date with that cute boy. The choice of wardrobe will say a lot about your personality and character, so it’s essential that you wear the best possible combination so that you could leave a positive impression. Here are some of the perfect suggestions for first date outfits.

Cute Playsuit

The rule of thumb for first date outfit – never uncover too much. If you choose to show off your gorgeous legs, make sure you cover up the upper body parts. For example, a playsuit, matched with a blazer and high heel sandals would be an amazing ensemble. Add a stylish bag to it, some statement jewelry and you’re ready for the fun night.


Timeless Jeans

Jeans are the ultimate piece of clothes that is perfect for almost every occasion. If you can’t decide on what skirt you should wear, grab on those skinny jeans, roll them up above the ankle and put on black or red patent pumps. Match that with a simple black t-shirt and a leather jacket and hit the streets.

Fancy Dress

If your date has chosen to take you to a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant, the choice is clear – a beautiful nude dress matched with black sandals. Black clutch and black jewelry will perfectly complement the entire ensemble. Go with a smokey eyes makeup and put your hair into an elegant bun, if you have long hair. Wavy hairstyle would be the perfect alternative for girls with shorter hair.

Casual skirt

The most important rule of dressing for the first date is to be yourself. It’s essential that you wear clothes that will make you feel comfortable in your own skin. Therefore, if you’re a fan of skirts wear a mini with floral pattern, and match it with a pink nude shirt and a denim jacket. Roll up the sleeves, wear ballerina flats, add some statement jewelry and the outfit is ready.


Cardigan Season

Fall tends to be a rather gloomy season, but the clouds will go right away once you get an invite to a first date. One of the reasons we love fall is all those gorgeous clothes we can match to the max and always get some unique fashionable outfit. Black pants, white blouse, and black ankle boots with a heel in combination with one of your favorite long sleeve knit cardigans would look casual but stylish. If you choose nude or beige cardigan, have a scarf with print or pattern to create the perfect contrast to neutral shades of clothes.

Little Black Dress

Her majesty, the little black dress, is the ultimate clothing item for the first, second, third or any other date. If you didn’t have time to go shopping for some new clothes, get this baby out of the closet and take your boy’s breath away. Match it with nude sandals, or red pumps, put on a red lipstick, and be as seductive as ever.

When you start thinking about the perfect first date outfit, just have one thing in mind – wear what makes you feel good. Clothes that pinch feel uncomfortable, and will make you fidget through an entire night which will only make you feel insecure, instead of confident and happy.

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