Found your prince charming? Have you recently got engaged? Congratulations to you! What next… After getting engaged the first thing that crosses a couples minds is planning for their wedding. A wedding is an extensive affair and planning for it is a tedious task. When it comes to Indian wedding the planning is more intensive comprising of intricate details. Indian weddings are a myriad of colorful rituals, ceremonies and emotional outbursts. The number of rituals in a Indian weddings adds to its beauty making it an extravagant affair.

Marriages in India are termed as big fat weddings that is celebrated with great pomp and splendor. Planning for a grand Indian wedding with the plethora of rituals is beyond the ability of a single person. Wedding is a once in a lifetime moment where every aspect of it needs to be perfect. A minute glitch is enough to ruin your special day. Herein arises the need of a professional, a wedding planner who with his experience transforms a fairytale into a reality. With changing times the demand of a wedding planner has increased.

The wedding market has a number of wedding planners available and choosing the right one from them is a dainty task. Are you looking for wedding planners in Chandigarh, Pune or wherever you plan to tie the knot? Here is a guide that would steer your search for a wedding planner in the right direction. Check em’ out.


Prior to booking any wedding vendor you need to be well versed about what type of planner your seeking for, what type of services your expecting, what type of decoration you require. Define your requirement first and research about the various wedding planner who can cater to your requirement.

Ask For Quotes

How do you get the best price for a wedding planner? Ask for quotes from different wedding planners to get the best costing. Multiple quotes received from different planners help you to get the best one at an ideal price.

Fix a Meetup

You simply cannot judge a wedding planner by looking at their works online. To get knowledge about the proper working style, services offered you need to meet the wedding planner in person. So before booking a wedding planner arrange a meeting with them to get to know them better and to get familiarized with them.

Ask For References

How do you ensure that your wedding planner is credible enough? Ask the wedding planner for atleast three references from their past clients to ensure their credibility.  References and testimonials give you a brief idea about not only the credibility of the wedding planner but also of their authenticity and trust ability.


Wedding is a once in a lifetime moment and every couple want only the best to be part of their big day. During the wedding season every couple has their hands on the top wedding planner. You might have found the perfect wedding planner who can cater to your requirement but what if they have run out of dates, sounds like a disappointment, right! To get the best wedding planner consider booking them in advance before they run out of dates. Also while booking for a wedding planner check with them their availability dates.


How do you know whether a wedding planner is worth the price or not? It is simple go through the portfolio of the wedding planner. A portfolio of a wedding planner helps in finding out about their past work, market image, brand reputation.  Through the portfolio you can get the idea about the working style of the wedding planner.

So have you found your wedding planner? Tell us in the comments below about your wedding plans.

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