PPC or pay per click has the biggest application in digital marketing today. It is one of the most powerful tools in the marketing arsenal that helps businesses get new leads, drive more sales, and boost their profit margin. 

However, the tumult that happened last year has affected every aspect of marketing, and PPC is no exception. Still, the smart PPC pros have managed to invent new digital marketing techniques to help brands recover and adapt to the new normal in the online marketing world.

Thus, if you are looking to revamp your PPC campaigns, read on to know the best techniques to follow in 2021 and beyond. 

Consider PPC Automation

The digital age stresses the businesses to embrace PPC automation via AI and machine learning or get behind their competitors. When your Ads campaign is driven by automation, you can tap into the valuable customer data and reach new prospects.

While you can hand a lot of work to technology, make sure to choose the tool that is good for your business. You can use automation to improve your PPC strategy, but don’t get your hands off completely. 

Take some extra time to think about the ways to make the best use of technology. Set the conversion tracking right and create a good Ad copy. This way, you can help the algorithms work in your best interest.

Redefine Your Keyword List

Keywords are the pillars of a PPC campaign; they can make or break the PPC game. Therefore, it is crucial to keep an eye on the type of keywords you are using. Sort out the keywords that aren’t performing well. Poor performing keywords could mean high cost/lead, low search volume, or keywords that are too broad.

In addition to checking the negative keyword list, expand your current keyword list, too. You can add adverbs or adjectives to the long-tail keywords. You can use keyword suggestion tools to choose the ideal keywords. One way to do so is to check out the keywords your competitors’ content is ranking for.

Focus On Your Landing Pages

If you haven’t refreshed your landing page data for weeks or months, it’s high time you do it. A well-optimized landing page containing great content can turn a click into a valuable lead. So, check how your landing pages are performing.

Find out the type of A/B testing you need to do. Think about creative ways to make the landing pages impressive enough for the visitors to take the desired action. It could be as simple as adding a new CTA, refreshing the design, or anything.  

Use Ad Scheduling

Your PPC Ads could be more or less effective in certain locations, in different devices, or at specific times of the day. All this depends on your audience and the products you offer. If you don’t figure out this, you will end up wasting money advertising in the wrong location or at the wrong time.

What is the solution? Analyze the data and find out the positive or negative trends in the conversion rate. Consider these results and use Ad scheduling or bid modifiers to ensure that your Ads are focused and make the most impact. 

Leverage Seasonal Campaigns

Seasonal campaigns provide you with an opportunity to grab the attention of the audience when they are most likely to make purchases. For instance, people buy more woolens in the wintertime. But, if your products don’t align with the season, you can’t leverage the seasonal trends.

Tweak your offerings in such a way that instigate interest in your audience. Get creative with your brand’s messaging. Frame the Ads in a way that they appear relevant to the audience. Using discounts, creative Ad copies, and coupons is a great way to stand out.

Think Of Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is changing the world and has impacted almost every area. When it comes to PPC marketers, artificial intelligence helps in creating effective ad campaigns that are used for:

  •   Calculating the impact of ads on the quality score
  •   Predicting the Call-to-Action rate of future ads
  •   Identifying the likelihood of a client’s conversion
  •   To analyze the bids that are having maximum traffic.
  •   Optimize ads, campaigns, and keywords when your CPC gets down.  

Furthermore, artificial intelligence is also effective in generating reports using various tools.

Try smart bidding: 

Smart bidding is also a part of automated bidding strategies that use machine learning to optimize your ads to increase conversions. Google’s artificial intelligence system is automatically optimized for conversions; you simply tell your advertising goals. The Smart Bidding will tell you how to get it done; it is primarily designed to accomplish your business goals and help you achieve your targets. It works for various pay per click goals, which includes:

  • Creating new leads according to your CPA (cost per acquisition) 
  • Getting better ROI for your strategy 
  • Increasing the conversion rate to get more leads and generate more revenue

Virtual Reality Ads: 

Virtual ads open new opportunities for advertisers; here’s how you can use PPC and virtual ads: 

  • VR uses eye-tracking technology to bid on an ad; when the users stay on one ad, it automatically starts running. 
  • It gives insights about which parts of the screen the clients are looking at
  • The 360 degrees VR help customers learn and interact with various products. 
  • The main idea about using VR is to let viewers try and see products before buying them.


PPC advertising is an ongoing process. You can’t just create an Ad campaign and expect results without aligning your campaign with the latest trends. Whether you are just getting started with your PPC journey or have been in the PPC landscape for a while now, the PPC digital marketing techniques mentioned above can help you see significant results. No matter how much your competition in your niche or industry is, you can stay ahead and win the pay per click game this year. So, create a winning PPC strategy with these techniques!

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