Patio Landscaping Houston Ideas: Ten Ideas To Improve Outdoor Space

Patio landscaping has two primary goals. Outdoor living areas should not only look great but should also be as functional as possible. When it comes to functionality comfort, safety, low-maintenance and privacy are the four main aspects to consider. In this article, I will be touching on these aspects of the top Landscaping Houston Ideas while presenting some tips on how to improve your patios or deck’s appearance.


  1. Patio Plants: The Best Things Come In Small Packages

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Decks and patios can be quite uninviting if not furnished with accessories and plants. A few plants can soften the uncompromising features of a hardscape, breathing some life into them, summoning you to sit and relax. While there are many other ways you can do this like installing patio planter pockets, the easiest and most convenient way to do so is to incorporate potted plants in your patio or deck setting. As pots are portable, people living in the north can easily grow some tropical flowers during summer and move them indoors when the winter sets in. The good thing about pots is that you can grow almost any plant you want. The idea of incorporating patio plants could even eliminate the costly process of replacing a beat down patio since plants can actively hide many eyesores. In regards to safety, there is one caveat that you should be aware of: if you are allergic to bee stings, then avoid flowers that are patio landscaping geared as most of them are bee magnets.


  1. Choose the Right Trees For Patio Landscaping

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Big plants like trees can present major problems. As such, it is vital that you make the right tree selection when patio landscaping:


– If you are looking for a shade tree, then go for a tree that’ll be of intermediate height when fully grown

– Avoid planting trees that have aggressive root systems

– Go for a tree(s) that is relatively easy to maintain

– Japanese maples are a great option if you are looking for trees with an intermediate height


Some plants are worse or better than others when grown around a septic tank based on their root system nature. These plants can also be good or bad choices when patio landscaping. Apart from that, there is also the issue of whether a tree is clean (relatively mess-free) or not. Eastern White Pines, for instance, are some of the messiest trees as they get their pine pitch on everything. Sunburst Honey Locust trees, on the other hand, are relatively stress-and-mess-free. Landscaping Houston Ideas are not to implement when you are eager to do the work. You could also find a professional to do the job for you.


  1. Give Me Privacy or Nothing At All

I am the type of person who craves privacy when in my yard, so I have devoted two entries to the topic of privacy here. You probably aren’t as reclusive as I am, but like most people, you love at least a bit of privacy. Erecting a fence is one of the best ways to gain some privacy. However, you can still do this by incorporating some plant material.

  1. Formal Hedges for More Privacy


A simple arrangement of arborvitae shrubs could provide some form of privacy. Some people prefer the informal look informal hedges offer while others are more interested in a more formal screening. The more formal screening provides a greater degree of privacy, and the good thing is that there are several formal hedge options available.


  1. You are Not Vertically Challenged, Or Are You?

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When considering the different patio landscaping options available, it may, sometimes, be easy to become obsessed with the two-dimensional. However, including some verticality in your design, you open up an entirely new dimension, making your outdoor living area that more interesting. The vertical aspect can be incorporated in several ways. But the option with the highest functionality and most significant impact is the pergola. Simply put a canopy over your pergola voila, you have transformed it into a unique outdoor room.

  1. Use Perennial Plants To Soften Those Hard Patio Lines


Landscaping with plants and landscaping structures like patio bristles with harsh edges is one way to provide a softer touch to your patio. Among smaller plants, perennial plants like ice plants are the best for this task. Planting a mix of small shrubs and long-blooming perennials will offer you something that is in bloom all-year round as detailed in the linked article above. Perennial plants beautiful plants that will help your home stand out from the rest. And the great thing about them is that they are great for decoration and quite affordable.

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