Talent – the one thing all people think they need to paint, but actually the least useful tool in a painter’s arsenal. We admire the colors and the composition of art, dreaming of taking a brush in our own hands, of putting our thoughts onto canvas. But then we worry and fret, knowing that we can’t come close to perfection. However, perfection is not what painting is all about, and the rewards we get from indulging in this hobby are simply too good to pass up. Are you craving for something that will let you express yourself the way you always wanted? Well, if you’re a creative person, here are some of the reasons you should consider painting.

Art makes you more humane

To create art, you must have a unique perspective on something. It’s all about your own views, but it’s also about seeing through the eyes of others, about learning empathy and capturing a thought, an emotion, an experience, and transferring it on canvas. You get to express yourself, but you also learn how to observe, how to listen and really see what others want you to see, how to notice the humanity of the world, the little moments of beauty that might have escaped you otherwise.

You could improve your focus and patience

Painting usually takes a long time, but all those hours of work could actually teach you how to focus your errant mind and create detail by detail until you finally have the full picture. In the world of fast, easy entertainment and wandering attention caused by our phones and tablets, it’s good to learn how to concentrate on something and fully immerse yourself instead of having your head in a constant state of chaos.

It’s good for mental health

Self-expression is important when you’re going through a hard time because you can capture a bad emotion and examine it in a more objective manner. It’s also good to give yourself a hobby that engages your mind and distracts you from worrying, especially because there’s a certain routine involved. You can have your custom canvas stretching done by professionals, and then all you need are your paints, pigments, and brushes. Paint slowly, enjoy every stroke, and let yourself go into a meditative state. There will be frustration at times, but it’s the kind of frustration you can deal with if you simply take a break, take a deep breath, and then keep pressing on and getting better. It’s good to persist and watch your skills grow each day.

You’ll learn more about culture

To be a good painter, you have to study the art and practice. You’ll learn about famous people and their work, and you can use them for inspiration before you develop your own style enough to try something new. You’ll learn about culture and history and become more educated, and you might have a newfound appreciation for galleries and museums in your town.

You’ll have something to show your friends

In the beginning, your paintings will be terrible. Yep, your fear will come true: you’ll take a brush, paint, and the end result will probably be awful. Now that you know, you can relax and paint freely because this is completely normal and talent, as helpful as it can sometimes be, isn’t nearly as important as hard work, practice, and a healthy mindset that allows you to recognize that that you have to be bad before you can get good. And once you get good, you’ll have amazing paintings that you can use not only to decorate your own home, but to give your friends as a valuable gift. You’ll be able to give them something personal and beautiful, and truly show how much you appreciate them.


The best way to go about painting is to simply start. Grab some basic supplies and try your hand at this creative hobby because you won’t regret it.

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