Paging Systems: Its Working Procedure and Benefits

Although pagers are an invention of the past, it is still very much used in the recent days. A large number of qualified doctors and professional medical personnel use these systems on a daily basis. The modern pagers are wireless and integrated with several high-end features, as well as custom designed, in accordance with the needs and expectations of contemporary people. In the following discussion, we would explore how these devices work and its distinct beneficial aspects.

Working of Pagers

If you want to appreciate the utility of a paging system in the 21st century, you have to understand its working in the first place. These devices work through a distinct method called ‘simulcasting’. It is a combination of the word “simultaneous’ and ‘broadcasting’. It could be defined as the act of sending messages through the same signal, along varied channels and create propagation of a particular event. This specific technique is also used by radios and televisions, in order to reach a larger segment of the population through different media. In case of pagers, the ‘simulcast’ works through satellite communication. Therefore a huge coverage area is offered when the message is sent through pager due to coordinated transmissions from numerous sources.

Advantages of Pagers

There are many distinctive positive aspects of paging device and three of them are mentioned below in brief:

1.      Dependability-‘Simulcasting’ technology used by pagers is much more upgraded than any traditional cell phone tower. It is also very reliable and thus, the device has managed to acquire widespread recognition among the consumers. This is an era, where lost text messages and dropped phone calls are quite common. In such a period, pager technology is something on which you could entirely depend.

2.      Extensive Coverage-As mentioned earlier, pagers use satellite communication, thus, they offer broad coverage. This feature has proved to be quite advantageous for the people as in the modern days; both the rural and urban areas suffer from poor cell phone signals. The messages sent by pagers could also reach areas, where cell service is completely prohibited.

3.      Minimal Price- The present times is dominated by a competitive mobile industry, which is in turn characterized by expensive devices. However, pager is an exceptional example that is still readily available at a reasonable price. Although the paging system is incorporated with so many sophisticated units, it is cheap and thus, stands to be affordable for the common masses.


The aforementioned benefits are substantial enough to convince people that pagers have not died in the 20th century but are still quite successfully in use. 

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