Outfit Suggestions: Four Simple Rules to Follow When Dressing for a First Date

“Just remember, a first date is also your first opportunity to mess up a relationship forever.” –Author Unknown

There has never been any doubt that first-dates can be nerve-wracking. After all, this might be your only chance to make an impression on a potential partner, so the pressure to make that a good one can be quite overwhelming. In this regard, you need to ensure that you do not only have impeccable manners and common courtesy, you must also dress appropriately. Of course, you would not want to look like you are trying too hard, but this aspect should not be completely overlooked either. Remember, your assemblage of clothes is probably what your date would initially see. Moreover, your clothes have hints in them about the kind of person you are. With these in mind, it is probably best that you present yourself in the way you want to be perceived—regardless of whether you clothes are mostly retail or wholesale clothing.

In any case, to make dressing up on your first date easier, here are some simple rules you should follow:

  1. Avoid trends and stick to your personal style

Trends are great for casual every day wear, but on a first date, not so much. Sure, you might want to bust out in a full fashion runway look, but if anything you would only be intimidating your date. Furthermore, they would inevitably think that you are either trying too hard or are trying to show off, so tone it down a bit. While there is no need to dumb down your style, there is no reason for you to go all out either. Stick to your personal style and choose elements that make you feel most comfortable and confident.

  1. Comfort is key

There is no reason for you to be sporting a pair of stilettos if your feet cannot handle it—especially if you intend on ending your date on the dance floor of a nightclub. Moreover, you should not wear clothes that are too tight unless you want to spend majority of the evening tugging on your clothes.

  1. Be sexy and sultry but keep the mystery

You do not want to give everything away on the first date. Remember, you want to keep them coming so do not show them more skin than necessary. While there is no need to cover up entirely, you should not dress in a way that can be considered scandalous either. Choose sexy slip dresses, but tone it down with appropriate accessories. If you are wearing something a little sultry, make sure that you wear light makeup .

  1. Wear your favorite things when in doubt

When we cannot absolutely single out just one outfit from our wardrobes, just pick your favorite items. In this regard, you will be more confident as you know that these are the items that do make you look good and at your best. Just ensure that whatever you might be wearing makes you feel beautiful and would give you a boost in confidence.

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