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Outdoor Weddings Guide - The Garden Wedding - Likeitgirl

Outdoor Weddings Guide – The Garden Wedding

Garden weddings are very romantic and can be high cost or relatively low cost , it all depends on your budget and your ideas for your big day.

A few tips from Sparky Weddings Isle of Wight Wedding Car Hire on the subject.

We will take the high end  first, this route  means using a garden wedding venue  that will supply  everysubject you could need from the garden “chapel” for the ceremony, to the reception either inside or, to continue the garden theme in a marquise.

There will be many different venues available to you either online  in every state in the union, so choosing the best place for you again comes down to your budget  and your dreams .

The first thing you need to decide on is  the number of guests you  are going to invite, and a educated gues  of how many of those you invite will be able to come. This figure has two vital uses one is fiscal , the figure will also be important  for determing which of the locations will be suitable  for your big day.

You know there are going to be people, usually relatives, who you feel  you have to ask  but who will not be able to come, there will also be some who will be out of town depending on the time of year .

Somehow you reach the best guess  figure  then that’s the one to go with, you can then look at the possible choices and pair them up with your numbers. Weather of course will be a major factor , make sure the location  has the capacity  to make alternative arrangements if theweather turns for the worse .

So finally you get down to the best choices of around three , then you need to go through the services they offer and check that the services, and the prices, they are quoting include everything you will need (chairs, tables, food, decoration, glasses, etc.) for the reception, don’t forget the dance floor for the evening, plus the arrangements for the ceremony ,chairs, decorations, flowers make a list make sure that there will be no nasty surprises when the final number is calculated.

Compare all the quotes, see which you feel offers the best value, in the style you set your heart on.

Then we have the garden weddings using your own property where thecash available means that you have to do lamost all of of the work yourself, with the help of family and friends, this means that you can have fun arranging your wedding the way you want it, it gives you an fantabulous chance to be originative.

Dress up your garden wedding with a sun shades or two to shield  your guests, then for that picture perfect setting have a wedding arch. They can be but a little starin on your finanaces  and when decorated with flowers and or lights will give you a backdrop for the ceremony and for those all important wedding photographs .

Just because you are having a home garden wedding does not mean that your wedding theme options are limited to only florals or cactus or anything of the sort. You can use any wedding theme you like.

You can be bold and creative in your choice or you can be traditional or classic or out of the ordinary. All wedding themes , as long as it suits your budget and dreams , is perfect for a home garden wedding.

Outdoor weddings especially garden weddings are so special and very romantic. Whichever way you go, it is your day make sure it is what you want, garden weddings are so beautiful, especially with the spring flowers or with the autumn colors.

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