Outdoor Oasis: Create a Dreamy Backyard Retreat

Summer is here and it’s finally time to put the backyard to good use. Over the previous months, you probably started cleaning it up a bit and tending to the garden. But, the real work starts now when the days are sunny and perfect to turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis.

Not only will you have fun in designing your dreamy retreat, but you will also feel more relax and distress. It’s not something that has to take too much of your time, it all depends on the concept and design you envisioned. Here are some styles and suggestions that might help you with this summer project.

Build a swimming pool

If you are ready to invest in something, then the swimming pool might be a perfect choice. In the recent years, they are not so expensive and hard to have in your backyard. And no matter the size, they offer great refreshment during those really hot summer days.

If you live in the regions where there are many hot days during the year, then you will certainly enjoy jumping into the cool waters of your pool. However, if you have more rainy days than sunny ones, maybe a hot tub would be a better solution for you.

Use natural materials

Stone, wood and even grass are great materials to decorate your backyard. They are not hard to come by and you can use all sorts of styles and varieties available. Build a porch from the stone tiles and add a wooden table and chairs where you can dine with your family and friends.

You can create a modest pathway in the grass by placing tiles a little apart from one another. Or, use the wooden boards to create a walkway that will take you from the house to the seating area. Natural materials are in perfect harmony with the rest of your backyard and that makes them crucial to creating a dreamy environment.

Stone patio is not only modern and stylish but will also bring serenity into your yard. Pair it up with any style of your seating set and you will still get the oasis you are looking for.

Add shade to your retreat

For years, the doctors warn us about the harmful effects of the sun on our bodies. While 15 minutes a day is healthy, you should avoid being exposed to it for too long. That and for comfort as well, you should install some kind of shade in your backyard. For example, high-quality outdoor awnings are designed to keep you protected from the harmful UV radiation which can cause premature skin ageing, give you wrinkles and even skin cancer.

Use plants to create shade like vines which can also give wonderful blooms to decorate your dreamy retreat as well. Make sure you start carrying for them in time, so they can grow to their full potential right in time to spend time outdoors.    

Build a firepit

A small pool and firepit go hand in hand since there is something magical in sitting by the water at night and enjoying some warmth from the fire. Surprisingly, they are not so hard to build, but if you aren’t handy with tools, leave it to professionals so it would look great.

This will be a perfect spot for family gatherings, having fun with friends and during less favourable months, when the cold slowly starts to crawl into your backyard. They will keep you warm even during a snow if you want to watch your kid play in the backyard, or simply take pleasure in the winter delights.

Don’t forget the lights

You can’t have a dreamy backyard retreat without the perfect lights that will accentuate it at night. Besides having those that will truly help you see better out there, you can also install those that will set the mood.

A calming light will create a tranquil environment where you can spend summer evenings chatting with friends or simply listening to the cricket chirping. Just don’t forget to use insect repellent if you don’t want mosquitoes to ruin the perfect night.  


Listen to your heart and create the outdoor space that will be your sanctuary from the confinement of your home during the hot summer months. See what is feasible and what you will have to put in some effort to have, but in the end look for the features that make you happy.

And if you can, plan the renovations to last as long as possible during the year, and maybe even in the winter so you can completely embrace your outdoor oasis.

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