If you love the soothing and serene beauty of the outdoors, then you should invest in a patio or deck for your home. It will be an addition that enhances your outdoor living area and where you can chill and take in the aura of your yard. You should consider installing stylish and functional Spring TX commercial lighting that will illuminate the deck or patio, especially at night.

Patio vs. Deck 

Before looking at the lighting option for your patio or deck, you first need to know the difference between the two.

A patio is a backyard area that can be made from stone, rocks, gravel, stone, concrete, or bricks. It is an extension of the house whose design is based on the landscape of the property. The patio is constructed on the ground level, so it often does not need safety railings. Most patios are an installation that extends from the house to the yard, but in some instances, they can be unattached.

A deck is made from wood or vinyl and constructed slightly elevated from the ground. It can be a separate installation or connected to the house. Some people like having a deck in the upper levels of the house, in which case the deck is accessed via a stairwell with safety railing. You can have an upper-level deck outside the upstairs bedroom. Conversely, it can be outside the dining area or the kitchen.

One of the distinct features in the two is that the deck as more of a closed-off space compared to the patio.

  1.   Outdoor Sconces

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Sconces are an excellent choice if you are looking for something that will add a touch of style to your open space. You can use individual outdoor sconces to enhances your deck posts. However, you should take into account the size of the deck posts and the illumination you want. Based on that, you can pick 1 – 3 lights. 

Aside from the deck post, you can also install the sconces on the wall so that they can light up the decking floor and the dark corners. Use quality LED bulbs rated for outdoor use that emit a warm color (something with a hue temperature of about 2700K. Lighting with such a color temperature evokes a feeling of calm and is ideal for an evening in the outdoor area.

Your patio may not have posts, but that does not disqualify it from enjoying the addition of outdoor sconces. You can mount them on the walls, picking where you need a bit more lighting during the evenings. If you have a patio that includes an outdoor kitchen, you can have the lights installed over the cooking area. You will have ample lighting when you want to grill some beef or hot dogs.

  1.   Ceiling Fan With Lights

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Maintaining a backyard that has that relaxed setting can be difficult, the more so when this is needed during the summer months. If the deck is enclosed, then invest in an outdoor ceiling fan that has lights. Such an installation is a fantastic idea because you will get a fixture that serves two purposes. It will be for lighting up the area while also helping keep the place cool. Consider checking the rating of the fan if you are in a damp and wet area so that you get one that is rated for such conditions.

The fans rated for damp locations are suited for places where they may encounter some mist but may not suffice for wet areas. If you are in a mostly wet location, then you need fans rated for a wet environment since they are well-protected from water. If you pick a ceiling fan that is not made for outdoor applications, then you risk having its blades warping and drooping.

As you consider this when picking the fan to install on your deck or patio, also put in some thought to the color and size of the fan. You also must take into account the overall size of the deck space and its height from the floor to the ceiling.

  1.   Pathway Lighting

When you are on the deck, you should be careful of where to step since they are elevated from the ground and with stairs to access the deck. That is why it is wise to ensure the stairwell is well-lit at night to promote safety. The same applies to the path leading to the deck if you have a detached one. 

To lower the cost of installing the lighting, consider using an outdoor LED bulb that you will place at a high point to have it casting its light downwards on the stairwell and pathway. Alternatively, you can invest in lights that you can install along the sides of the walkway leading to the patio or deck. Ensure that they are protected from wet conditions. With such illumination, your family members and visitors can see where they are stepping.

  1.   Motion Activated Lighting

You may not be thinking of installing sconces or walkway lights, but there still is a need to illuminate dare areas of the deck or patio so that people are safe. You can invest in motion step lights that are battery-powered and automated to work only at night and will turn off and on when they sense movement. Pick those with LED lighting and install a bold beneath each stair and a few along the pathway.

  1.   Stringed Bulbs 

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String lights emit a unique glow that has an enchanting effect. You can have this enchantment going all year long if you install the string lights to your patio or deck. 

For the deck, you can drape the stringed bulb under the roof of the decking and wind them on the posts. As for the patio, you can have the string lights running for the back of the house to the adjacent tree so that you create a blanket of warm illuminating lights overhead. Pick medium base sized stringed bulbs that will go underneath the patio umbrella so that you have an ambient glow when dining at night.

And there you have it; tips on how to light up your outdoor home extensions, be it a patio or deck. You will now be able to sit back and enjoy every bit of the warm summer nights or even have some fun and leisure time with family and friends thanks to ample lighting on your deck or patio.

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