Outdoor Ceremonies – a dream come true?

Brympton House wedding venue in Somerset Photo credit Modern Vintage Weddings

It goes without saying that the idea of saying your vows with the sky as a canopy and a romantic English garden as a backdrop is one that catches the attention of a lot of brides to be…but what are the pitfalls and what should you be looking for in a wedding venue that offers an outside ceremony space?

Top Tips for Outdoor Ceremonies

Time of the Year

Most outdoor ceremonies are planned in the UK between May to September; any date outside these months is normally considered to be too risky in terms of the temperature and chance of rain UNLESS you are looking to provide outside heating and some form of cover such as a sail marquee. Even outdoor weddings booked between May and September can be subject to bad weather – remember the old Scottish saying – ‘Ne clas de clout till May is oute’ (which roughly translates to – don’t take your coat off until May is over!) 

So, when considering a venues outdoor space consider what plan b is going to be if the weather is against you e.g. does the venue have an inside space that is just as lovely?

An example of an exclusive use wedding venue with both a glorious outdoor ceremony space and a wonderful indoor space is Brympton House in Somerset – where you are spoilt for choice between the Temple on the South Terrace and Castle House – a wonderfully romantic 13th-century medieval hall house – to say your vows in!

The need for a covered ceremony space

Unlike weddings in the US in the UK, the actual ceremony must be undercover – and the cover must accommodate the two of you plus 2 registrars, your witnesses and a table large enough to sign the register on. Your guests will be seated outside the covered area.


So when looking at a venue with an outside ceremony in mind its no good falling in love with the idea of getting married in front of the lake in the grounds if the outside covered ceremony area is miles away!

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