Outdoor Adventure Trips to Consider with Your Partner

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If you love to travel, recent events have made life pretty hard. Now that we can get out and about, you can celebrate the ability to travel again by going on some new adventures with your favorite person. As adventure travel generally involves a few risks, consider the fun options below for maximum thrill and connection.

Get in the Water

Skip the tourist locations and head to Tunnels Beach on Kauai. You can do some snorkeling and check out the ocean life and coral. Because Kauai is not as popular as some of the other islands of Hawaii, you can even pack in a tent and camp near the water at Kauai County Ha’ena Beach Park. Once you are there, make sure you head over to Polihale State Park or hike the Kalalau Trail. You will need to make reservations, especially to enjoy the Hawaiian sunset. There will also be plenty of wildlife, including roosters! If you plan to sleep in, bring earplugs, or schedule a nap with your partner. It will be completely worth it.

Go Rustic

If you already have tent camping gear, find a national forest and hike out into the woods. For those that want to upgrade their camping options but are not interested in or able to store a towable, consider investing in tools such as rooftop truck tents to get off the ground and enjoy a bit more comfort. As long as your truck can handle rough terrain, you can get even further off the beaten path than you can hiking into a rustic campground. From a rooftop tent, you and your partner can snuggle up and watch the stars. Make sure you check the rules on bear restrictions before taking any soft sided tent into a camping area.

Hit the Slopes

If your partner loves to ski or snowboard, you have probably been to many mountainous states. However, you can also find great skiing in the island paradise of Cyprus. The ski season runs from January to March, and the ocean breezes can mean lots of snow in the high passes. Even better, for a European ski destination, Cyprus is not only beautiful but a great bargain. If you are planning a trip to Europe anyway, you can head up to Mount Etna in Sicily and ski an active volcano! This is a smaller resort than many, but you and your partner can enjoy incredible views and romantic privacy. Do be aware that skiing may be curtailed if the volcano gets too active.

Help Others

When you find someone you care about, finding ways to help others is a wonderful way to strengthen your relationship and enjoy the great outdoors. You could help to build trails on local preserves and do a little horseback riding in Bolivia, look after lions rescued from poachers in Africa, and help baby turtles back into the sea in Costa Rica. You can also enjoy an adventure trip that helps people. Consider a hiking and climbing trip to Nepal where you can help people rebuild after earthquakes. If you want to stay in the states, plan a trip to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and serve as a construction volunteer. You can help repair homes, dig foundations for new homes and hike the Badlands of South Dakota.


Traveling with the right person can make any trip even more special. Keep an eye out for bargains and build up your stock of camping gear so you can travel in the shoulder seasons as well as the summer months. Make sure your passport is up to date so you can schedule an adventure overseas as well.

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