Outdoor Activities to Try Out with Your Family This Summer

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You want to spend more time with your family and want to do so outdoors. The only thing left to do is to figure out what to do with your family. The following are a few ideas you can try.

Go on a Hike

If you love outdoor activities, you probably love to go hiking. A good hike gives your family a chance to see nature and everything in it depending on where you go. Each hike gives you a chance to bird watch, see new insects, see new wildlife, and you can do all of this together. You need to choose the right place to hike. It shouldn’t be too challenging since you’re going with your family unless everyone wants a challenge. Still, try to be careful when you hike.

Take Out Your Boat

Another thing you can do with your family is take a cruise on your boat together. Spending that kind of time together is priceless. A lot of the things families do don’t require them to talk and connect on a real level. For example, going to the movies is more of a personal experience, but a boat ride ensures time is spent together without any distractions, and that could be enriching; just make sure you’ve done your part by taking care of your boat using something like Mercruiser 5.7 oil change kit and any other maintenance it might need.

Play a Sport

One thing your family could enjoy is a competitive sport. All you have to do is make sure it’s an outdoor sport, but there are many options out there. You could go for something a little more physically challenging, like basketball or soccer, or you could go for something a little less demanding, like miniature golf or something similar.

You want to divide your family up to see who’s going to challenge who. You could also change the teams up every so often so that everyone in your family gets a chance to be teammates and rivals. Try to choose a sport everyone is going to love. Maybe add a prize at the end for the winners. Make it your own; that’s the point of it all. Remember, it doesn’t even have to be a traditional sport. A game of tag or frisbee could be just as fun.

Organizing a Scavenger Hunt

Another fun outdoor activity you can try is a scavenger hunt. You can make this as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. You can make this about clues, maybe clues that’ll lead your family to the next important location, or maybe you can just base it on your family’s ability to read coordinates.

Whatever you want to do is okay. Of course, you should make sure there’s something fun and exciting at the end of the scavenger hunt. Be sure to bring along something to eat and enough water for the hunt. These things can take some time. You don’t want to feel anxious about finishing up the hunt because you’re getting a little hungry.

An Activity With the Animals

There’s something magical about being around an animal, and if that’s something your family hasn’t experienced, then try it now. For example, you can go online and find local horseback riding lessons. If you or your family have never ridden a horse, then this is a great time to learn.

These are magical creatures, and the skill is kind of exciting to learn. If you don’t want to do that, then maybe find your local farm so that your family could enjoy being with animals. You may learn how to milk cows and take a few gallons back home afterward. Getting close and personal with nature’s creatures can be quite fun. Allow your kids to ask all the questions they want.


These are just some outdoor activities you can try with your family, but there are many more you can do. Talk to your family and find out what they want to do as a family. Maybe they want to build a treehouse with you, which can be a fun family project.

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