Organize Like the Pros: Tips for Organizing Your Closet

Closets can get unruly fast. Maybe you start out with the best of intentions of keeping your garments in tip-top shape at the beginning of the week, but by Wednesday, everything is a mess. You’re definitely not alone.

The problem is that you’re probably not organizing your closet the right way from the start. Keep reading to learn more about getting your closet in shape and keeping it that way for good.

Get Rid of What You Don’t Wear

Look in your closet right now and you’ll probably spot at least one or two pieces of clothing you haven’t worn in a year. Parting with something you liked when you bought it isn’t easy, but if you don’t wear it, why take up valuable real estate in your closet?

Start the process of organizing your closet by getting rid of things you don’t wear. Donate them, give them to friends or have a garage sale – just get rid of them ASAP!

Use the Right Hangers

Putting your clothes away properly and ensuring that they look their best when you’re ready to wear them can be a tough task if you don’t have the right hangers. Shop for purpose-specific skirt hangers, suit hangers and hangers designed specifically for items like pleated slacks. Not only will storing your clothes correctly be easier, but you’ll also guarantee a crisp look when you use purpose-made skirt hangers and accessories for your closet.

Companies like Butler Luxury make high-quality skirt hangers, suit hangers and other garment storage accessories that are designed for fine clothes. Add some to your closet before you do anything else.

Give Yourself Easy Access

Everybody has clothes that they wear all the time. Maybe you’ve got a favorite blazer you wear to work at least once a week? Maybe a pair of jeans that are your go-to evening wear for more casual nights? Whatever you love to wear, make space in your closet for favorite items.

Structure your closet so that you have access to those clothes as quickly as possible. In general, this means the area closest to where you open the door.

Having an organized closet isn’t rocket science, but when you’re living in clothing chaos, it can sure feel like it. The good news is that the three simple tips above can make a world of difference. Start using them now and you’ll notice a cleaner, more efficient closet every time you get dressed.

Who doesn’t want to get dressed in style every single morning?

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