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Office Furniture In Houston Is The Secret To Productivity - Likeitgirl

With today’s modern office furniture in Houston that ranges from purely functional to gimmicky, the style that a company chooses sends visual clues about the brand, as well as impacting employee productivity and the office ambiance.  


It isn’t only creative and tech setups that are getting experimental when it comes to design and color choices. A majority of financial services and professional services are kitting their offices out with lots of indoor greenery, bean bag chairs, and standing desks.


While deckchairs and hammocks might be an interesting talking point in certain communal areas, it is still true that furniture has to be able to reflect and support the task that needs to be carried out, according to interior design team leader Neil Thomas from Titres UK, a subsidiary of JLL.


Thomas says that offering a vibrant, bright workplace has a significant impact on its attractiveness, especially for companies that employ younger staff – and a positive image for visitors as well. Furniture helps to create interest and allows you to introduce texture and color.  Along with technology, it helps to transform the environment.


However, with businesses search for ways to reduce the number of desks they have and optimize their space, the kind of furniture that is used in the office bears both an indirect and tangible cost.


Furniture may account for 10 to 25 percent of total fit-out expenses. There are more choices available these days then ever before. According to Statistic, the worldwide office furniture market, which includes work space storage units, swivel chairs, and computer desks, is continuing to grow, and by 2021 it is expected that companies will be spending US$84 billion.  


Thomas says it is an investment to get the right combination of office furniture in Houston, but since design trends have a tendency to come and go, the most important thing is to ensure that the basics like seating and desk meet the needs of employees and that they make the most out of the space that is available.  


According to Thomas companies must evaluate the kinds of furniture that support their employees’ daily activities the best.  Employers need to trust their workforce and accept that they don’t need to be at their desks all of the time in order to get their jobs done.


There is a risk that companies may get swept away by certain designs, like sit-stand desk, that don’t end up getting used to their maximum potential.   


Thomas points out that whenever sit-stand desks are used in the sitting mode on a consistent basis – which defeats what their intended purpose is – then it might be time for booking systems to be put into place and areas to exist.  


How to boost productivity

Man Standing Near of Wall


Higher productivity levels are the rewards you receive when you create high-quality areas for private working or collaboration.  


Thomas says that even using no furniture may help in certain types of office situations.  


For example, look at the internal team meeting.  A weekly meeting can be wrapped up by a company in 30 minutes if team members were standing instead of sitting.  This is a productivity factor then – in addition to saving money of having to buy fewer chairs.


Living walls and plants also play a role.  It has been found by numerous studies that those working in environments that have natural elements like wood and plants have higher well-being and productivity levels.  


Thomas says it isn’t only about placing plants on desks that are next to windows, which refers to the bibliophile office design concept. Greenery may be used as a space divider in between work areas and that also can help with adding color and creating a positive first impression in a company’s lobby.


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