It is impossible to deny that cheating is among the most common reasons why relationships come to an end. No matter if the infidelity was a singular indiscretion or a drawn-out affair, it is often extremely hard for one partner to grant forgiveness and forgetting what happened may prove an impossibility. Monogamous arrangements are meant to remain intact, and that is why many wronged partners simply want to know the reasons behind what has occurred. Statistics suggest that males are more disposed to cheating than females, and thus we ventured to the users of Reddit to seek answers about why men have made the decision to stray.


Newness Is Exciting

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I admit that I have been unfaithful to girlfriends in the past, and I would probably do the same to my spouse. This is a terrible thing, and I am not entirely sure why I would act this way. It kind of reminds me of how I am not totally certain why I tend to drink. While I would surely have great love for my girlfriend or wife, and I consider myself to be a loyal person, I cannot always resist the temptation of experiencing something new. This certainly sounds despicable to many, but I cannot deny my true nature. In my case, the cheating stemmed from something that was not exactly revenge, but rather an attempt to reclaim a sense of balance. I was just 17 years old and still with my initial girlfriend. I did cheat, but not until she cheated on me first. It did not seem like revenge, exactly, in that I simply wanted to get things back on an equal footing. I felt awful about the whole thing, and the sense of intimacy and sanctity between the two of us was ruined forever.

Getting There First

There is no denying that I have cheated on just about every partner I have had. To my way of thinking, women are almost certain to wreck your life in one way or another, so I aim to beat them to it.

Self-Control Issues

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Even when I am involved with someone, I continue to go to bars and drink. While out and about with a drink in my hand, it is tough not to flirt with attractive females who cross my path. This type of activity often leads to other things, which can quickly escalate to a dangerous place. It typically is not my intention to cheat, but since it is easy for me to get women or even a NY escort, I tend to find resistance futile. On top of that, girlfriends I have had almost always give me a pass after I have cheated on them, so my conscience is usually quite clear pretty soon after the fact.

Men Like The Chase

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Men are chasers by nature. They enjoy pursuing new things and going after them until they achieve them. A lot of men say it is the thrill of going after something they know that they cannot have. It’s like an ego game. A lot of time they go after a woman who may be out of their league as a means of an ego boost.

Ny Escort

Men love meeting new women especially if they know it’s going to be for only one time. It’s easy with no strings attached because it’s more likely that they will not get caught. Often times men will seek NY Escort services for the thrill.

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