New Bookmark sites of 2020 on google web Check now

Social sharing & bookmarking is a process to reach more people & also to make links more popular on google .There are so many benefits of social bookmarking it will increase domain & page authority of website page .Generating more traffic on site & visitors . Bookmarking allows user to make their website index, process and crawl on google .The Generated url can be shared on facebook ,pinterest ,twitter ,reditt ,scoopit and other website .


Social bookmarking is one of the best off page technique for seo website.We would like to share some best social bookmark of 2020 in market with top da pa & good alexa ranking on internet.


How bookmark will help 


More visitors

More traffic

More impression

More clicks

It will go viral

Improvement in SERPS page

Keyword will rank

More Do follow links 

Link juice will increase more visiblility 


So bookmark and let your website work .


  1. Crawlyourlink
  2. Pinterest
  3. facebook
  4. twitter
  5. linkedin
  6. Tumblr
  7. Reddit
  8. folkd
  9. Mix
  10. Bibsonomy
  11. myspace
  12. Digo
  13. Dzone
  14. Slashdot
  15. bizsugar
  16. weheartit
  17. Pearltrees
  18. Lockerdome
  19. Disqus
  20. Mendeley
  21. Medium
  22. Flipboard
  23. Akonter
  24. Bookmarkingbase
  25. Designernews
  26. Trepup
  27. Lists made social – Listly
  28. fark
  30. Mdbootstrap
  31. Trendiee
  32. Growthhackers
  33. Enetget
  34. Ttlink
  35. Poptype
  36. Eduhub
  37. Yarabook
  38. Video-bookmark
  39. Digg
  40. Minds

So check all the website now and start doing seo with all this website .2020 top website crawl your link is a leading bookmark site of 2020 .You can check da and pa it is increasing day by day .They have monthly user of 10000 per month .You can do paid advertisment on their website with low cost .

Top image sharing website of web pinterest also have some unique style of bookmark and generating traffic via images which will help google crawling website indeep .Facebook , linkedin , twitter bookmark also helps it ranking you can share all your links because this all social sites have high traffic on their sites .

Content sharing website like tumblr is top website with extreme high traffic .You can share video ,article links and also you can create your blog on tumblr .Tumblr give all types of traffic .

Video sharing website like vimeo ,dialy motion ,crawlyourlink and other social sharing sites helps your website go viral & make them index on youtube search engine too.

Every seo person have to do social bookmarking at start because google cant live without social bookmarking .

So start working and rank high now .

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