Need to know about Vietnam visa for Saudi Arabian

How to get Vietnam visa in Saudi Arabia and how Saudi Arabian citizens can get Vietnam visa done easily in Saudi Arabia. Let find the answer in this article.

For those who are residing in Saudi Arabia, they have different ways to apply for Vietnam visa for any purposes: tourism or business. Commonly, they are able to apply for Vietnam visa directly at Vietnam Embassy in Saudi Arabia no matter what are their nationalities or they also can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival if they are travelling by plane to Vietnam. To get Vietnam visa done at Vietnam Embassy is a traditional way of applying for Vietnam visa. This is recommended for those who are living close to Vietnam Embassy/ Consulate as applicants must go in person to Vietnam Embassy. Getting Vietnam visa in this way may take your time and more money however, you will receive Vietnam stamped visa in your passport before departure.

You do not Need to Worry About Visa Issues During Your Trip.

In case you live far from Vietnam Embassy or cannot manage to go back and forth to Vietnam Embassy, you also can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival easily. This means that you first must submit a Vietnam visa application form online to get a Vietnam visa approval letter issued by Vietnam Immigration. You only get permission to get on plane if you have this letter, without this, there is no way to check in your flight. Upon arrival airport in Vietnam, you will present required documents to have your Vietnam visa sticker pasted on your passport. Depending upon your nationality and visa type that you want to apply, requirements, service fee and processing time will vary.

Basically, for regular nationalities, one just need to fill in one application form which includes passport detail, expected entry/exit date, visa type, arrival airport and purpose in Vietnam. Then, applicants would pay for Vietnam visa service fee in order for travel agency to submit Vietnam visa request on your behalf at Immigration Department of Vietnam. Within some working days, a copy of Vietnam visa approval letter will be sent through to applicant’s email. Afterward, clients need to print out Vietnam visa approval letter, Vietnamese visa application form, take with them to check in the flight to Vietnam. Once they arrive in Vietnam Airport, they would directly go to landing visa area or visa upon arrival, present required documents, pay for stamping fee in cash to collect Vietnam visa sticker.

How Vietnam visa on arrival works on Saudi Arabian passport?

Like other nationalities, Saudi Arabian citizens can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival easily. Being Saudi Arabian passport holder, one could apply for 1 month/ 3 month, single/multiple entry tourist/ business visa. They just need to submit Vietnam visa request through Vietnam visa agent: or simply attach bio passport page with requirements to our inbox: Being Saudi Arabian, there is no need to send ticket confirmation or hotel booking for Vietnam visa request but to pay for Vietnam visa service fee.

This fee is paid to travel agency so that they can handle all formality on your behalf at Vietnam Immigration Department. All they need to do is to double check visa letter to make sure that every detail is accurate. Result of this procedure will be a copy of visa approval letter for Vietnam sent to applicant’s email within 1-2 working days.

The next thing to do is to print out documents takes with them to get on the flight to Vietnam and finally to collect Vietnam visa sticker upon arrival


– Applicants of the same group should apply for Vietnam visa at one time. All members will be listed in the same Vietnam visa approval letter however upon arrival; each of them would get their own Vietnam visa sticker.

– Processing time for Vietnam visa on arrival for Saudi Arabian would normally take 2-3 working days for tourism purpose. In case you want to travel to Vietnam as soon as you can, you should upgrade to Rush service.

– Once you apply for Vietnam visa on arrival, you do not need to do anything else at Embassy. Just directly go to Vietnam with Visa approval letter for Vietnam.

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