Myotherapy for Foot Treatment, Pain Relief and Prevention

Undoubtedly, foot is a complex body part, as there are several joints that make lower limb. There are a lot of issues that arise in different parts of the foot due to various reasons. It is a body part that bears the weight of the whole body. Therefore, it is important to give the necessary care and ensure that any kind of issue or problem is given immediate attention.

What is Myotherapy?


Myotherapy helps in the treatment of restricted joints or soft tissue. This form of physical therapy is often confused as just another remedial massage, but it has much more than that. There are postural corrections, nutritional analysis and exercises included in the therapy. It is the most preferred ways to ensure that you can get relieved from foot pain or injury and prevent it from recurring.

Reasons for the occurrence of the problem

There can be multiple reasons that can lead to foot related issues. People can face injuries even due to their profession or because of playing any sport or simply just walking by the road and twisting an ankle.

Signs and symptoms of injury

Some of the indications that you need Myotherapy include consistent aching, tightness in the muscles, restricted joint movement, numbness, stiffness, etc. These can be significant signs of long-term damage to the body part or damage due to sudden jerks or pressure applied. A professional therapist can ensure that the problem does not aggravate and become painful. They use a variety of techniques to provide the right treatment for such issues.

Diagnosing the problem

The first step for any treatment is diagnosis the injury. In Myotherapy, before the therapist starts with the therapy pertaining to the trouble, he/she will ask you for the relevant scans, x-rays, and manual check up to understand the intensity of the injury. You can expect physical assessment as well as questions about your health history on your visit to the Myotherapy clinic. Then the therapist will gently rub the tissues in the sore area to get an idea of the problem and offer a gentle massage to ease the soreness.

Treating the injuries with Myotherapy


Myotherapy includes massage, which is essentially used as a remedial solution along with sporting massage techniques. Passive stretching involves the movement for the affected area in its complete range is also an effective technique. Apart from the above mentioned, dry needling, trigger point therapy, TEN therapy, as well as hot and cold therapy. Depending on the kind and severity of the pain, the therapist can apply the right technique to ensure that you can get relief.

Self-help to prevent the injury

Many a times, the therapist may ask you to do a little bit of self-help to help cure or prevent the problem to reoccur. There are various stretching exercises that can be advised depending on your physical condition, as well as the nature of the problem you have. Also, there are a lot of self-administered massages that you can do to ensure that you give due attention to injury. Ice and heat packs are also integral to several self-help techniques that Myotherapy recommends. More than anything else, you can consider doing meditation to help you control various aspects of your body and give you sound health.


There can be many reasons that can lead to foot injuries or troubles and most of them can be out of simple day-to-day habits. With just simple changes, corrections, and professional Myotherapist guidance, you can get back to a healthy pain-free life. However, make sure you go to the certified and an experienced Myotherapist for the treatment.

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