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My Very Own New York City - Likeitgirl

Ah!… That New York City thing! Myth or reality? Do any of these really exist in the first place, anyway? It is all a matter of perception and personal experience as always! When asked, people usually reply: ‘ it’s the freedom you feel in that place. We love New York City. In New York City everything is allowed, you can be anyone you want to be.’ I have been wondering what was the true meaning of these random sentences. Years on end, coming and going as a tourist, then living in the City and laughing about calling New York my abusive boyfriend. I can say now: it’s a world with endless little worlds in it and it feels like home for a mysterious and magical reason.


Over the years, I have created my own little universe in New York City and have fallen in love with people and places. They have become part of my perception of the City and my heart beats louder when thinking about these smells, images and faces. My truth about this City revolves around Magic and am taking you along this magical route, if you feel like it.

It’s My New York City and I will share it with you in the coming days. There will be cafés, restaurants, shops, people, adventures and so on. Buckle up and take notes for future reference! You never know, you might experience my very own NYC, the next time you decide to step foot into the City.


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