My Pre Wed Would Be Great If I Knew These Dos & Don’ts

You should say thanks to those people or a person who invented photographing device, camera. When camera got invented, perhaps that day would be a great day for the inventor of the device. We don’t know which photo was captured first from the first camera and how big or small it was but definitely a big miracle it was because now you can capture what you want to and keep it forever near you whether those things exist or not. The device camera revolutionized the whole world and brought happiness for everyone that lasts forever.  

In modern world, we don’t have to say about it, that there are many different cameras and versions of it. Nowadays you can buy what you want according to your requirements. If you want best pictures, then you need to get shot by a best camera and definitely by a creative and experienced photographer. Especially couples should be aware about it that when they hire any photographer for their wedding, they should hire, as we said above, experienced and creative. There are a good number of best wedding photographers in Jaipur that you can hire according to your budget for your wedding. 

A wedding is not just not a wedding today, it is whole lot a caravan of dancing, eating and fashionistas people in India. We are talking about Indian weddings, which are in themselves a great party and there are so many customs, rituals and traditions in it that a bride and a groom both have to perform according to their culture. Soon your wedding is and you want a perfect and nice pre wedding shoot for you that you think your children and their children should see, then you need an experienced and professional photographer. Apart from that, here are some of the best tips; actually Dos and Donts for your pre wedding shoot, that if you follow, would be rewarding for you. There is one thing special about these tips that we tell you at the end of this blog!

Dos tips: 

Carry your flatsIt is your pre wed shoot so you should carry flats for yourself because you have to walk distances, which is not possible in heels. If you have flats you can walk easily and when pose or candid for shoot you can wear your dear heels before the shoot.    

ReccePre wed shoot includes different locations so you have to go there. Ask your photographer whether he is already aware about the locations or not. If not, then say him/her to do recce for the locations. It is his/her duty to do it, and if there is any your favorite location where you want your shoot to take place and you know the location already, then it is best. Your time gets saved!  

Smile and ConfidentIf you ask any photographer, what is the best tip for pre wedding shoot or any shoot, then it is your Smile and Confident that you should always reflect from your face and body language. These two are the main things that help in to shine others. The rest is always history. Wear your Smile and Confident always. 

That moves something with windWear something that waves with wind or flutters. It creates more drama in your photography and add extra charm to your pre wed shoot. It all depends on your comfort; wear it if you are comfortable. 

Be you and have funBe with each other. Don’t think that photographer is before youTalk as you talk to each other, show your love to each other, and express it. Suppose that it is the end of the world and you have only some minutes to express your love. Photographer is there to capture your emotions, not your body.  

A friendly relationshipBoth for you and photographer, it is required that you know one other. A friendly relationship with photographer makes you and photographer both comfortable that helps in getting perfect pictures. 

So these above are the Dos for your great pre wed, follow and you will get the benefits.  


Changing dressesYou think that you will wear different dresses for different poses and this way your pre wed will be best, then please don’t think so. Changing the dress again and again will ruin your day, and it could be that your whole day ends up with a single photograph changing lots of dresses.  

Bulky stuff not in your pocketsYou should not put purse, phone or other bulky stuff in your pockets. It doesn’t look good in pre wed shoot. Suppose that your purse is coming out from your pocket, how will it look when gets snapped? Even it takes time to edit the photos in image editing software.

Follow your photographer’s instructionsYou don’t need to pose. When you need to, your photographer tell you. If your photographer says for ‘to-be moments, then just be with your partner. Have fun, lovely fights, you just need to be in your real emotions provided photographer can capture them. Besides, you also need to believe in your photographer. Many couples think that photography is only about posing. No, it is not. You only need to follow your photographer’s instruction.  

Emotions, nostalgia, creativity, gestures; photography is all about this. So enjoy your pre wed and also tells us what was your great moment while getting pre wed shot. We are waiting!

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